Publication: Falling Long-Term Growth Prospects: Trends, Expectations, and Policies

A structural growth slowdown is underway across the world: at current trends, the global potential growth rate is expected to fall to a three-decade low over the remainder of the 2020s. Nearly all the forces that have powered growth and prosperity since the early 1990s have weakened, not only because of a series of shocks to the global economy over the past three years. A persistent and broad-based decline in long-term growth prospects imperils the ability of emerging market and developing economies to combat poverty, tackle climate change, and meet other key development objectives. These challenges call for an ambitious policy response at the national and global levels. This book presents the first detailed analysis of the growth slowdown and a rich menu of policy options to deliver better growth outcomes.
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Kose, M. Ayhan (ed.); Ohnsorge, Franziska (ed.). 2023. Falling Long-Term Growth Prospects: Trends, Expectations, and Policies. © World Bank : Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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