Publication: The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Postconflict Reconstruction

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Souter, David
In this summary report and a series of country case studies, infoDev is exploring the transformative role that Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) can have in post-conflict nations during the process of reconstruction. The case studies look at countries at different stages of post-conflict reconstruction in Afghanistan, Liberia, Rwanda and Timor-Leste, and post-revolution in Tunisia. The report examines how policy-makers, the donor community, and the private sector have prioritized and sequenced ICT initiatives in the aftermath of conflict. In addition, the report proposes a conceptual framework to understand how ICTs can contribute to improving service delivery and assisting with nation-building. The opening chapter of the report gives an overview of the relationship between conflict, reconstruction and the role of ICTs. It builds on experience within the Bank as well as on a wide range of practitioner, academic and other literature. The second chapter seeks to establish a framework for understanding the ways in which ICTs interact with societies in transition from violence to stability, and for leveraging their potential to further that transition. The roots of this lie in understanding two fields of study, policy and practice: • analysis of conflict and post-conflict reconstruction, and • analysis of ICTs and the development of an information society. Chapter three then analyses the relationship between these two fields and proposes a framework for analysis and policy development. The final chapter makes a number of recommendations to the World Bank Group, to other donors and development actors, as well as to the governments of countries emerging from violent conflict, and suggests areas for further research.
Kelly, Tim; Souter, David. 2014. The Role of Information and Communication Technologies in Postconflict Reconstruction. World Bank Studies;. © Washington, DC: World Bank. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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