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Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities Center
The World Bank (WB) initiated a pilot project - dubbed "Guangzhou Green Trucks Pilot Project" in support of Guangzhou's efforts to improve air quality in preparation for the 2010 Asian Games. The goal of this project was to develop a proof of concept for a truck program in Guangdong Province and China that aims to: Enhance the fuel economy of the truck fleet, reduce black carbon and other air pollutants from trucks and consequently obtain GHG emission savings. The following strategies were applied during the technology pilot on HDTs: Cab roof fairing, which is an integrated air deflector mounted on the top of the cab and reduces the gap between the tractor and the trailer. Fairings of the brand DongGuan CAIJI were used in the pilot. Nose cone, which is installed on the front of the trailer and reduces air turbulence. Nose cones were purchased from a Guangdong-based supplier, DongGuan CAIJI. Skirts, which are panels that hang down from the bottom of a trailer to enclose the open space between the rear wheels o the tractor and the rear wheels of the trailer. Skirts reduce the amount of wind underneath the trailer and, according to the manufacturers, can improve fuel economy by up to 5 percent. Skirts were made to size in the US by FreightWing Inc, and shipped to China.
Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities Center. 2010. Guangzhou Green Trucks Pilot Project : Technology Pilot Report. © Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities Center and the World Bank, Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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