Publication: Angola Road Sector Public Expenditure Review

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Benmaamar, Mustapha
Arroyo Arroyo, Fatima
Tisso Eduardo, Nelson
Considering its regional economic position, natural endowment, and its socio-economic development aspirations, it is becoming imperative to Angola to develop a safe, clean, and efficient transport sector. The government has recognized that the Angola’s economy needs the support of a well-integrated and efficient transport sector and made significant efforts to reconstruct its dilapidated road infrastructure and it has established a road maintenance fund. This study has made good use of the Angola’s Ministry of Finance BOOST data base to review and analyze the volume and structure of public spending in the road sector and identify any trends. The road network evaluation tools model (RONET), developed by the World Bank, is used to evaluate the preservation (maintenance and rehabilitation) requirements of the Angola road network. This road sector public expenditure review (PER) examines the size and composition, allocation, and implementation of public expenditure on roads and assesses the efficiency and effectiveness of these expenditures both at the national and sub-national levels. It also reviews the overall policy and institutional framework and makes relevant recommendations. The objectives of this road sector PER are fully aligned with the objectives of the World Bank’s country partnership strategy for Angola, which places a strong emphasis on supporting Angolan institutions.
Benmaamar, Mustapha; Arroyo Arroyo, Fatima; Tisso Eduardo, Nelson. 2020. Angola Road Sector Public Expenditure Review; Angola Road Sector Public Expenditure Review. © World Bank, Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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