Basic Requirements for Public Participation in Kenya’s Legal Framework Nizam, Rabya Muriu, Abraham Rugo International Budget Partnership 2015-04-01T21:10:47Z 2015-04-01T21:10:47Z 2015-02
dc.description.abstract Kenya has embarked on a highly ambitious decentralization that seeks to fundamentally change the relationship between government and citizens under the 2010 Constitution. The Constitution and new legal framework place a strong emphasis on strengthening public participation. This working paper seeks to distill key provisions in the legislative framework related to transparency, accountability and participation in county government, in particular the planning and budgeting cycle, and present them in a format that is useful for county planners, executive and assembly members. It can be used as a guide for how counties can interface with citizens based on Kenya’s legislative framework. en
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dc.publisher World Bank Group, Washington, DC
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.subject citizen involvement
dc.subject deficit
dc.subject public interest
dc.subject annual report
dc.subject budget cycle
dc.subject governor
dc.subject disclosure of information
dc.subject accounting
dc.subject government finances
dc.subject urbanization
dc.subject financial management
dc.subject annual reports
dc.subject budget proposal
dc.subject laws
dc.subject budget estimates
dc.subject government
dc.subject local governments
dc.subject citizen access
dc.subject politicians
dc.subject information
dc.subject programs
dc.subject services
dc.subject revenues
dc.subject public outreach
dc.subject accountability mechanisms
dc.subject public involvement
dc.subject financial statements
dc.subject budget policy statement
dc.subject parliament
dc.subject cities
dc.subject county governments
dc.subject civil society organizations
dc.subject public financial management
dc.subject legislative requirements
dc.subject municipalities
dc.subject budget
dc.subject accountability framework
dc.subject strategic priorities
dc.subject social service
dc.subject legislative framework
dc.subject appropriation
dc.subject public funds
dc.subject public finance management
dc.subject citizen participation
dc.subject civil society
dc.subject budget documents
dc.subject recurrent expenditures
dc.subject budget policy
dc.subject debt
dc.subject legislation
dc.subject public finance
dc.subject representatives
dc.subject budget documentation
dc.subject capital expenditure
dc.subject loans
dc.subject service delivery
dc.subject article
dc.subject subsidies
dc.subject legal framework
dc.subject finance
dc.subject performance management system
dc.subject grants
dc.subject public
dc.subject public investment
dc.subject access to information
dc.subject expenditure
dc.subject devolution
dc.subject financial transparency
dc.subject fiscal performance
dc.subject audited financial statements
dc.subject accountability
dc.subject appropriations
dc.subject transparency
dc.subject budget process
dc.subject provisions
dc.subject public expenditure
dc.subject participation
dc.subject delivery of services
dc.subject national government
dc.subject public accounts
dc.subject budgets
dc.subject public budget
dc.subject reports
dc.subject urban areas
dc.subject expenditures
dc.subject decision making
dc.subject participatory process
dc.subject public expenditure tracking
dc.subject national audit
dc.subject private sector
dc.subject national budget
dc.subject expenditure tracking
dc.subject citizen engagement
dc.subject treasury
dc.subject management
dc.subject public engagement
dc.subject budget information
dc.subject taxation
dc.subject budget circular
dc.subject freedom of information
dc.subject annual budget
dc.subject public consultation
dc.subject public participation
dc.subject electorate
dc.subject allocation
dc.subject policy making
dc.subject citizen complaints
dc.subject decentralization
dc.subject revenue
dc.subject borrowing
dc.subject fiscal strategy
dc.subject governors
dc.subject public authorities
dc.subject policy formulation
dc.subject fees
dc.subject institutional framework
dc.subject budget review
dc.subject public service
dc.subject governments
dc.subject public meetings
dc.subject election
dc.subject performance management
dc.subject financial reports
dc.subject service providers
dc.subject public goods
dc.title Basic Requirements for Public Participation in Kenya’s Legal Framework en
dc.type Working Paper en
dc.type Document de travail fr
dc.type Documento de trabajo es
dspace.entity.type Publication 2015-02-27
okr.doctype Economic & Sector Work
okr.doctype Economic & Sector Work :: Other Public Sector Study
okr.globalpractice Governance 94498
okr.language.supported en
okr.region.administrative Africa Kenya
okr.topic Governance :: Local Government
okr.topic Governance :: National Governance
okr.topic Governance :: Politics and Government
okr.topic Law and Development :: Corruption & Anticorruption Law
okr.topic Law and Development :: Legal Reform
okr.topic Public Sector Development :: Decentralization
okr.topic Social Development :: Social Accountability
okr.unit Urban, Rural & Soc Dev - GP (GSURR)
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