New Industries from New Places : The Emergence of the Software and Hardware Industries in China and India Gregory, Neil Nollen, Stanley Tenev, Stoyan 2013-06-05T22:14:44Z 2013-06-05T22:14:44Z 2009
dc.description.abstract China and India have grown rapidly in importance in the global economy over the past two decades the same period in which hardware and software have become important tradable products in the global economy. China has reached global scale in the hardware industry but not in software; India has achieved the reverse. These recent developments offer new insights into the ways in which new industries can take root and flourish within the broader context of developing economies. This progress has attracted widespread comment, most of it anecdotal or based on partial explanations of industrial growth. This study seeks to provide a fuller explanation based on an empirical analysis of the macro and micro underpinnings of these contrasting growth stories. In doing so, the study sheds a broader light on the economic development paths that China and India have taken since 1990, and also on the process by which developing economies can enter and succeed in new markets. en
dc.identifier.isbn 978-0-8213-6478-9
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dc.publisher Washington, DC: World Bank and Stanford University Press
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dc.subject Advanced Technology
dc.subject back office
dc.subject back-office
dc.subject Balance of Payments
dc.subject bandwidth
dc.subject best practices
dc.subject broadband
dc.subject broadband connectivity
dc.subject Business Environment
dc.subject business environments
dc.subject business function
dc.subject Business Indicators
dc.subject business process
dc.subject business process outsourcing
dc.subject Business services
dc.subject business Software
dc.subject business strategies
dc.subject business strategy
dc.subject businesses
dc.subject call centers
dc.subject capabilities
dc.subject Capability
dc.subject Capital Needs
dc.subject capital requirements
dc.subject catalytic role
dc.subject collaboration
dc.subject communities
dc.subject competitive advantage
dc.subject Competitiveness
dc.subject components
dc.subject Computer hardware
dc.subject Computer industry
dc.subject Computer software
dc.subject Computer software industry
dc.subject computer storage
dc.subject Computers
dc.subject Connectivity
dc.subject consumer electronics
dc.subject Copying
dc.subject Copyright
dc.subject Corporate Culture
dc.subject Corporate cultures
dc.subject cultural norms
dc.subject customer relations
dc.subject customer service
dc.subject data collection
dc.subject data entry
dc.subject data sources
dc.subject data storage
dc.subject devices
dc.subject digital
dc.subject digital video
dc.subject Disk drives
dc.subject E-mail
dc.subject economic activities
dc.subject economic development
dc.subject Edible Oils
dc.subject electrical machinery
dc.subject electronic equipment
dc.subject engineering
dc.subject engineers
dc.subject Enterprise applications
dc.subject enterprise development
dc.subject equipment
dc.subject expert opinion
dc.subject export markets
dc.subject Factors of Production
dc.subject financial flows
dc.subject financial institutions
dc.subject financial resources
dc.subject financial services
dc.subject financial support
dc.subject financial system
dc.subject financial systems
dc.subject Fiscal Deficits
dc.subject foreign direct investment
dc.subject Foreign Investment
dc.subject global economy
dc.subject global market
dc.subject Government Policies
dc.subject Government Policy
dc.subject Hardware
dc.subject hardware manufacturing
dc.subject high technology
dc.subject high technology industries
dc.subject higher education institutions
dc.subject human capital
dc.subject image
dc.subject industrial development
dc.subject information services
dc.subject information technology
dc.subject information technology industry
dc.subject innovation
dc.subject innovations
dc.subject intangible assets
dc.subject intellectual property
dc.subject intellectual property rights
dc.subject Interest Rates
dc.subject International Business
dc.subject international comparisons
dc.subject international competition
dc.subject international competitiveness
dc.subject international trade
dc.subject Internet service providers
dc.subject internet software
dc.subject IT services
dc.subject keyboards
dc.subject knowledge sharing
dc.subject Labor Costs
dc.subject land use
dc.subject learning
dc.subject licenses
dc.subject local area networks
dc.subject localization
dc.subject Mainframe
dc.subject Mainframe computers
dc.subject mainframes
dc.subject Manufacturing
dc.subject Manufacturing Industries
dc.subject manufacturing industry
dc.subject market economies
dc.subject Market Research
dc.subject market share
dc.subject marketing
dc.subject material
dc.subject medium enterprises
dc.subject menu
dc.subject microelectronics
dc.subject Middleware
dc.subject mobile telephones
dc.subject modems
dc.subject monitors
dc.subject motherboards
dc.subject natural resource
dc.subject natural resources
dc.subject Networking
dc.subject new markets
dc.subject office operations
dc.subject open access
dc.subject operating systems
dc.subject outsourcing
dc.subject PC
dc.subject performances
dc.subject Peripherals
dc.subject personal computer
dc.subject personal computers
dc.subject photo
dc.subject physical infrastructure
dc.subject policy framework
dc.subject power supplies
dc.subject printed circuits
dc.subject private investment
dc.subject Private Sector
dc.subject Private Sector Development
dc.subject procurement
dc.subject product development
dc.subject production process
dc.subject Production Processes
dc.subject Productivity
dc.subject Programming
dc.subject programs
dc.subject protection of intellectual property
dc.subject publishing
dc.subject purchasing power
dc.subject purchasing power parity
dc.subject queries
dc.subject R&D
dc.subject radios
dc.subject regulatory framework
dc.subject result
dc.subject results
dc.subject routers
dc.subject satellite
dc.subject scanners
dc.subject searches
dc.subject Semiconductor
dc.subject Semiconductor Industry
dc.subject Semiconductors
dc.subject servers
dc.subject social services
dc.subject Software Companies
dc.subject software exports
dc.subject Software Industries
dc.subject software product
dc.subject software Production
dc.subject software products
dc.subject Software Services
dc.subject software services industry
dc.subject Standardization
dc.subject storage devices
dc.subject subsidiary
dc.subject supply chain
dc.subject Systems integration
dc.subject Systems software
dc.subject technical knowledge
dc.subject technical skill
dc.subject technical skills
dc.subject technical support
dc.subject technological change
dc.subject Technological innovations
dc.subject technology development
dc.subject technology park
dc.subject Technology Transfer
dc.subject Telecom
dc.subject telecom infrastructure
dc.subject Telecommunications
dc.subject telecommunications connectivity
dc.subject Telecommunications equipment
dc.subject telecommunications industry
dc.subject Telecommunications services
dc.subject Telephone
dc.subject televisions
dc.subject transaction
dc.subject users
dc.subject uses
dc.subject video
dc.subject wide area networks
dc.subject Workstations
dc.title New Industries from New Places : The Emergence of the Software and Hardware Industries in China and India en
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