World Investment and Political Risk 2012 Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency 2013-08-29T21:57:06Z 2013-08-29T21:57:06Z 2013
dc.description.abstract Global economic growth estimates for 2012 indicate a continuing fragile recovery. The ongoing sovereign debt crisis and recession in the euro zone, curtailed bank lending and domestic deleveraging, fluctuating but elevated commodity prices, and the ongoing political turmoil in the Middle East and North Africa have slowed the initial rebound that followed the 2008 global financial crisis. This slow progress has had an impact on developing countries, which initially fared well in terms of rebounding growth rates, private capital flows, and foreign direct investment (FDI). This report examines investors' perceptions and risk-mitigation strategies as they navigate today's uncertain economic waters. It finds that investors continue to rank political risk as a key obstacle to investing in developing countries and are increasingly turning toward Political Risk Insurance (PRI) as a risk-mitigation tool. The insurance industry has responded with new products and innovative ways to use existing products as well as substantial capacity to meet the growing demand. en
dc.identifier.isbn 978-0-8213-9508-0
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.publisher Washington, DC: World Bank
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.rights.holder World Bank
dc.subject access to capital
dc.subject access to capital markets
dc.subject access to financing
dc.subject accounting
dc.subject advanced economies
dc.subject balance of payment
dc.subject bank lending
dc.subject banking crises
dc.subject banking sector
dc.subject bond
dc.subject bond issuance
dc.subject bond spreads
dc.subject brokers
dc.subject business risk
dc.subject business risks
dc.subject capital constraints
dc.subject capital flow
dc.subject Capital Flows
dc.subject capital requirements
dc.subject Central Bank
dc.subject claim payments
dc.subject commodity
dc.subject commodity prices
dc.subject communication technologies
dc.subject Confidence Index
dc.subject consumer base
dc.subject contract renegotiations
dc.subject convertibility restrictions
dc.subject corporate investment
dc.subject corporate investors
dc.subject country debt
dc.subject country debt crisis
dc.subject Credit default
dc.subject Credit default swaps
dc.subject Credit Rating
dc.subject Credit Risk
dc.subject currency
dc.subject debt burdens
dc.subject debt contracts
dc.subject debt crisis
dc.subject debt financing
dc.subject debt flows
dc.subject debt investment
dc.subject debt levels
dc.subject debt obligations
dc.subject Debt Securities
dc.subject debts
dc.subject default risk
dc.subject deregulation
dc.subject Developing Countries
dc.subject developing country
dc.subject developing economies
dc.subject divestment
dc.subject domestic market
dc.subject domestic markets
dc.subject economic crises
dc.subject economic developments
dc.subject emerging markets
dc.subject equities
dc.subject equity contracts
dc.subject equity financing
dc.subject equity investment
dc.subject equity investments
dc.subject expenditure
dc.subject Expenditures
dc.subject exporters
dc.subject Exposure
dc.subject Expropriation
dc.subject Expropriations
dc.subject external debt
dc.subject financial crisis
dc.subject Financial Flows
dc.subject financial institutions
dc.subject financial markets
dc.subject financial returns
dc.subject financial sector
dc.subject financial services
dc.subject fiscal deficit
dc.subject flow of investment
dc.subject food prices
dc.subject foreign assets
dc.subject foreign capital
dc.subject foreign direct investment
dc.subject foreign firms
dc.subject Foreign Investment
dc.subject foreign investments
dc.subject foreign investor
dc.subject Foreign Investors
dc.subject global capital
dc.subject global capital flow
dc.subject Global Economic Prospects
dc.subject global economy
dc.subject government actions
dc.subject Government debt
dc.subject government guarantees
dc.subject government involvement
dc.subject government regulation
dc.subject Gross domestic product
dc.subject growth rates
dc.subject host country
dc.subject host government
dc.subject host governments
dc.subject income
dc.subject income inequalities
dc.subject inflation
dc.subject infrastructure projects
dc.subject Insurance
dc.subject insurance companies
dc.subject Insurance Industry
dc.subject insurance market
dc.subject insurers
dc.subject interest rate
dc.subject interest rates
dc.subject International Bank
dc.subject international business
dc.subject international capital
dc.subject international capital markets
dc.subject International Investment
dc.subject inventory
dc.subject Investing
dc.subject investment climate
dc.subject investment climates
dc.subject investment decision
dc.subject investment decisions
dc.subject investment disputes
dc.subject investment flows
dc.subject investment incentives
dc.subject investment opportunities
dc.subject investment patterns
dc.subject Investment Plans
dc.subject investment policy
dc.subject Investment Positions
dc.subject investment projects
dc.subject investment promotion
dc.subject investment restrictions
dc.subject investor confidence
dc.subject Investor perceptions
dc.subject Issuance
dc.subject joint venture
dc.subject joint ventures
dc.subject jurisdictions
dc.subject liability
dc.subject liberalization
dc.subject liquidity
dc.subject liquidity problems
dc.subject local economy
dc.subject local investors
dc.subject Low-income economies
dc.subject macroeconomic data
dc.subject macroeconomic environment
dc.subject Macroeconomic instability
dc.subject macroeconomic stability
dc.subject market conditions
dc.subject market developments
dc.subject market size
dc.subject Markets database
dc.subject Monetary Fund
dc.subject Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency
dc.subject natural disasters
dc.subject natural resource
dc.subject natural resources
dc.subject Net debt
dc.subject new markets
dc.subject new product
dc.subject new products
dc.subject offerings
dc.subject oil prices
dc.subject outstanding debt
dc.subject political regime
dc.subject political regimes
dc.subject Political Risk Insurance
dc.subject Political Risks
dc.subject political stability
dc.subject political systems
dc.subject Political Turmoil
dc.subject political uncertainty
dc.subject political upheaval
dc.subject portfolio
dc.subject portfolio investment
dc.subject portfolio investment flows
dc.subject Private bond
dc.subject Private Capital
dc.subject Private Capital Flows
dc.subject Private debt
dc.subject Private Market
dc.subject Public debt
dc.subject public finances
dc.subject Public Policy
dc.subject Public utilities
dc.subject rapid growth
dc.subject regulatory framework
dc.subject regulatory requirements
dc.subject remittances
dc.subject reputation
dc.subject return
dc.subject returns
dc.subject Risk Management
dc.subject risk of expropriation
dc.subject risk of expropriations
dc.subject risk profile
dc.subject Solvency
dc.subject Sovereign Debt
dc.subject Sovereign Debt Restructuring
dc.subject Sovereign Default
dc.subject Sovereign Defaults
dc.subject Sovereign Risk
dc.subject stocks
dc.subject Surety
dc.subject Terrorism
dc.subject transparency
dc.subject turnover
dc.subject urbanization
dc.subject volatile capital
dc.subject world economy
dc.title World Investment and Political Risk 2012 en
dspace.entity.type Publication 2013-08-23
okr.doctype Publications & Research :: Publication
okr.globalpractice Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management
okr.globalpractice Finance and Markets
okr.globalpractice Trade and Competitiveness 80511
okr.language.supported en
okr.peerreview Academic Peer Review
okr.topic Finance and Financial Sector Development :: Bankruptcy and Resolution of Financial Distress
okr.topic Finance and Financial Sector Development :: Currencies and Exchange Rates
okr.topic Finance and Financial Sector Development :: Debt Markets
okr.topic Macroeconomics and Economic Growth :: Investment and Investment Climate
okr.topic Private Sector Development :: Emerging Markets
okr.unit Credit Risk (CROCR)
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