Publication: Options to Use Existing International Offset Programs in a Domestic Context

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Partnership for Market Readiness
Over the past 25 years significant experience on offsetting has been built up through the development, implementation and improvement of various international and domestic offset programs. A wide range of approaches adapted to different circumstances have been explored. Currently a number of countries are considering the design of their own domestic offset programs. This report will explore different options for drawing on this international knowledge and infrastructure. Leveraging the existing international offset programs can be a way to cost effectively fast start a domestic offset program. Making use of the existing international experience can take the form of different levels of dependencies, ranging from full reliance on international programs on the one hand to a fully independent domestic program in the other extreme case, and everything in between. The report will present a guiding framework that builds on previous research in the offset component of the PMR technical work program, to support policy makers make informed decisions about if and how existing international offset standards can be used in a national context. The report includes a) an inventory of different institutional, administrative/procedural and project assessment/methodological approaches applied in existing international offset programs; b) a definition of plausible scenarios for leveraging international experience when designing domestic programs; c) an Impact and evaluation of the advantages and disadvantages of different options assessed; and d) identification and evaluation of key questions that policy makers planning or designing a domestic offset program may find useful to consider when applying elements of international offset standards.
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Partnership for Market Readiness. 2015. Options to Use Existing International Offset Programs in a Domestic Context. Partnership for Market Readiness Technical Note;No. 10. © World Bank, Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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