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The Little Data Book on Gender 2013 is a quick reference for users interested in gender statistics. It presents gender-disaggregated data for more than 200 countries in a straightforward, country-by-country reference on demography, education, health, labor force, political participation, and the Millennium Development Goals. Summary pages that cover regional and income group aggregates are also included. This third issue of The Little Data Book on Gender reflects the structure of the World Development Report 2012 on Gender Equality and Development. The report looked at the facts and trends surrounding the various dimensions of gender equality in the context of the development process: although many women around the world continue to struggle with gender-based disadvantages, much has changed for the better and at a more rapid pace than ever before. But that progress needs to be expanded, protected, and deepened. While development has closed some gender gaps, other gaps persist, including excess deaths of girls and women, disparities in girls’ schooling, unequal access to economic opportunities, and differences in voice within the household and in society. The report argues that gender equality can enhance productivity, improve development outcomes for the next generation, and make institutions more representative of groups in society.
World Bank. 2013. The Little Data Book on Gender 2013. Little Data Books;. © Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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