Zambia Health Sector Public : Accounting for Resources to Improve Effective Service Coverage Picazo, Oscar F. Zhao, Feng 2013-05-23T20:04:03Z 2013-05-23T20:04:03Z 2009
dc.description.abstract Over the past few years, three nagging problems have bedeviled Zambia's health sector: the country is falling off-track from reaching the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), it is facing severe financing constraints on the government front, and the health and HIV/AIDS sector is increasingly being fragmented by the reemergence of global disease initiatives. This health sector pubic expenditure review (PER) seeks to assist the Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) and its development partners take stock of the resources in the health sector and how these resources can be better used to produce better health services. The results of the PER are expected to be the used for a variety of purposes, including the preparation of the health sector strategic plan, and succeeding rounds of the global fund request for proposals. Policy dialogue between the Bank and GRZ, both at the macro and sector levels, can also be enriched by the PER. The PER also provides critical inputs into the Medium-Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) process, and in the assessment of the Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP). Likewise, the PER can provide inputs to fine-tune the process of the pooled basket funding mechanism under the sector-wide approach (SWAp). en
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dc.subject abortion
dc.subject Absenteeism
dc.subject Accountability
dc.subject Accounting
dc.subject administrative costs
dc.subject allocation of resources
dc.subject annual reviews
dc.subject basic health care
dc.subject basic health services
dc.subject Budget Allocation
dc.subject Budget Process
dc.subject budget support
dc.subject budgetary allocations
dc.subject capita health expenditure
dc.subject capita health spending
dc.subject Capital Expenditures
dc.subject cash budgeting
dc.subject cash budgeting system
dc.subject Cash payments
dc.subject catchment population
dc.subject central government
dc.subject Child Health
dc.subject Child Mortality
dc.subject civil servants
dc.subject clinical services
dc.subject clinics
dc.subject communicable diseases
dc.subject Cost analysis
dc.subject Cost Estimates
dc.subject crowding
dc.subject deaths
dc.subject Debt
dc.subject debt relief
dc.subject delivery mechanisms
dc.subject delivery systems
dc.subject Development Planning
dc.subject dissemination
dc.subject Doctors
dc.subject Donor financing
dc.subject epidemiological transition
dc.subject Essential Drugs
dc.subject exchange rate
dc.subject Exercises
dc.subject external assistance
dc.subject externalities
dc.subject family planning
dc.subject financial contributions
dc.subject Financial Management
dc.subject financing arrangements
dc.subject fiscal discipline
dc.subject fiscal implications
dc.subject fiscal management
dc.subject fiscal sustainability
dc.subject fiscal transfers
dc.subject forecasts
dc.subject government expenditures
dc.subject government spending
dc.subject Gross Domestic Product
dc.subject gynecology
dc.subject health care
dc.subject health care facilities
dc.subject Health Centers
dc.subject health clinics
dc.subject Health Committees
dc.subject health delivery
dc.subject health delivery system
dc.subject Health Economics
dc.subject Health Expenditure
dc.subject Health Expenditures
dc.subject Health Facilities
dc.subject health financing
dc.subject Health Indicators
dc.subject Health Institutions
dc.subject health insurance
dc.subject health insurance schemes
dc.subject Health Interventions
dc.subject Health Management
dc.subject Health Outcome
dc.subject health outcomes
dc.subject Health Policy
dc.subject health posts
dc.subject health projects
dc.subject Health Resources
dc.subject Health Sector
dc.subject health sector reform
dc.subject Health Service
dc.subject Health Service Delivery
dc.subject health service provision
dc.subject Health Services
dc.subject health specialist
dc.subject health spending
dc.subject health status
dc.subject Health System
dc.subject Health System Goals
dc.subject Health Workers
dc.subject HIV/AIDS
dc.subject Hospital
dc.subject hospital accreditation
dc.subject hospital financing
dc.subject Hospital Management
dc.subject Hospitals
dc.subject HR
dc.subject Human Resources
dc.subject illness
dc.subject immunization
dc.subject Income
dc.subject income countries
dc.subject Inequities
dc.subject Infant
dc.subject Infant Mortality
dc.subject Infant Mortality Rate
dc.subject Information System
dc.subject inpatient care
dc.subject Intervention
dc.subject legal status
dc.subject life expectancy
dc.subject Live Births
dc.subject Living Conditions
dc.subject Macroeconomic Policy
dc.subject macroeconomic situation
dc.subject Malaria
dc.subject malaria control
dc.subject Management of Health
dc.subject management responsibilities
dc.subject marginal increase
dc.subject Maternal Health
dc.subject Maternal Health Interventions
dc.subject Maternal Mortality
dc.subject Maternal Mortality Ratio
dc.subject Maternal Mortality Reduction
dc.subject Medical economics
dc.subject Medical Equipment
dc.subject medical instruments
dc.subject Medical Supplies
dc.subject Medium Term Expenditure
dc.subject Medium Term Expenditure Framework
dc.subject Medium-Term Expenditure
dc.subject Medium-Term Expenditure Framework
dc.subject member countries
dc.subject Millennium Development Goals
dc.subject Ministry of Defense
dc.subject Ministry of Finance
dc.subject Ministry of Health
dc.subject morbidity
dc.subject Mortality
dc.subject National Government
dc.subject National Health
dc.subject National Health Insurance
dc.subject National Health Insurance Fund
dc.subject national health spending
dc.subject National Planning
dc.subject national priorities
dc.subject nongovernmental organizations
dc.subject nurses
dc.subject nutrition
dc.subject Oral Rehydration Therapy
dc.subject outpatient care
dc.subject Patient
dc.subject Patient Management
dc.subject Patients
dc.subject pediatrics
dc.subject performance data
dc.subject Personnel Expenditures
dc.subject PHO
dc.subject Policy Analysis
dc.subject policy discussions
dc.subject postnatal care
dc.subject Poverty Reduction
dc.subject Poverty Reduction Strategy
dc.subject pregnancy
dc.subject pregnant women
dc.subject Primary health care
dc.subject private clinics
dc.subject private providers
dc.subject private sector
dc.subject providers of health services
dc.subject provincial level
dc.subject psychiatry
dc.subject Public Expenditure
dc.subject Public Expenditure Review
dc.subject Public Expenditure Tracking
dc.subject public expenditures
dc.subject public finance
dc.subject public funds
dc.subject Public Health
dc.subject public health programs
dc.subject public institutions
dc.subject public sector
dc.subject Recurrent Expenditures
dc.subject reform program
dc.subject Resource allocation
dc.subject Resource Availability
dc.subject resource flows
dc.subject risk factor
dc.subject sanitation
dc.subject sector ministries
dc.subject sectoral allocation
dc.subject Service Providers
dc.subject social health insurance
dc.subject sponsors
dc.subject surgery
dc.subject total expenditures
dc.subject Tuberculosis
dc.subject tuberculosis cases
dc.subject Under-Five Mortality
dc.subject Workers
dc.title Zambia Health Sector Public : Accounting for Resources to Improve Effective Service Coverage en
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okr.sector Public Administration, Law, and Justice :: General public administration sector
okr.sector Health and other social services :: Health
okr.theme Public sector governance :: Other accountability/anti-corruption
okr.theme Social dev/gender/inclusion :: Gender
okr.theme Human development :: Child health
okr.theme Human development :: Health system performance
okr.theme Human development :: Population and reproductive health
okr.topic Governance :: Governance and the Financial Sector
okr.topic Health, Nutrition and Population :: Health Economics & Finance
okr.topic Health, Nutrition and Population :: Health Monitoring & Evaluation
okr.topic Health, Nutrition and Population :: Health Systems Development & Reform
okr.topic Health, Nutrition and Population :: Population Policies
okr.topic Public Sector Development
okr.unit Hlth, Nutr & Pop. East/South (AFTHE); AFT: Human Development 1 (AFTH1)
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