Publication: Performance-Based Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Contracts in Argentina : A Review of Fifteen Years of Experience (1996-2010)

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Marcela Silva, Maria
Liautaud, Gerard
The road sector is the dominant mode of transport in Argentina carrying nearly 80 percent of total freight volume. The road network has a total length of about 630,000 km (11 percent paved), divided in three administrative levels: national, provincial, and municipal. However, more than 70 percent of total traffic volumes are concentrated on the paved national and provincial network, with the municipal network consisting of unpaved roads, access roads to farms and feeder roads with very low traffic volumes. A survey carried out in 1992 confirmed that only 44 percent of the national paved network was in good condition, with a high 35 percent of roads in poor condition. Rehabilitation works for the non-concessioned portion were contracted to the private sector under the traditional ad-measurement type or unit price-based system while maintenance activities continued to be carried out by force-account. In 1993 a loan from the World Bank was approved to finance, for the first time, high priority rehabilitation and maintenance works on the non-concessioned paved network, leading to the development of a long-term maintenance strategy based on the gradual expansion of performance-based contracts, a modality that is currently being replicated in other countries around the world. This paper is organized as follows: chapter one presents the national road network of Argentina; chapter two gives origins and definition of the Contrato de Recuperacion y Mantenimiento (CREMA) contracts; chapter three gives evolution in the procurement and the design standards of the CREMA; chapter four presents the market's response to the CREMA system; chapter five presents impact of the CREMA on the condition of the national road network; chapter six deals with cost effectiveness of the CREMA system; chapter seven presents Bank's strategy and role in the road sector in Argentina; and chapter eight gives lessons learned.
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Marcela Silva, Maria; Liautaud, Gerard. 2011. Performance-Based Road Rehabilitation and Maintenance Contracts in Argentina : A Review of Fifteen Years of Experience (1996-2010). Transport papers series;no. TP-36. © World Bank, Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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