Publication: Water Resources Management in South Eastern Europe : Volume 2. Country Water Notes and Water Fact Sheets

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This two-volume report seeks to examine key issues and strategic concerns regarding water resources management (WRM) at the national and transboundary levels in the South Eastern Europe (SEE) region, documents the approach adopted by the SEE countries to address their water challenges, identifies ways of strengthening both WRM regimes and international cooperation to optimize resources management, and makes recommendations for future action. Most of the analysis and assessment included in the report is based on the brief Country Water Notes and Country Water Fact Sheets presented in Volume 2. These notes provide a brief description of the socioeconomic and geographical context and development objectives pursued in each country and their implications for water resources management. WRM includes such crosscutting issues, such as river basin management, flood and watershed management monitoring, institutional management, inter-sectoral water allocation, and water quality management. Volume 1 comprises four chapters. Chapter 1 is a description of the water resource base at the regional level. It includes an assessment of past and present trends in water use by sector. Chapter 2 analyzes key water issues in each of the focus countries, emphasizing problems of common concern, Chapter 3 presents the main water issues at the transboundary level and some emerging trends. Following the national and regional analysis of water resources, Chapter 4 presents key recommendations for improved water management at the national and transboundary levels.
World Bank. 2003. Water Resources Management in South Eastern Europe : Volume 2. Country Water Notes and Water Fact Sheets. © Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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