Cases in Outcome Harvesting : Ten Pilot Experiences Identify New Learning from Multi-Stakeholder Projects to Improve Results

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The harvesting process is stakeholder-centered and captures qualitative, tacit knowledge. It includes tools to substantiate and analyze this knowledge collaboratively and communicate progress toward impact to clients, management, and partners. The tools are flexible to adapt to a program's design and can provide useful details to inform the theory of change, implementation lessons, outcomes, and indicators. This report documents a stage one pilot to identify how outcome harvesting can be integrated with the World Bank's results management approach, for learning during a program s implementation and review stages. Specifically, the pilots examined how outcome harvesting tools can lend one to learning about how change happens in complex aspects of programs. For instance, what combination of interventions worked to advance particular changes, what behavioral and institutional changes were advanced, and what was the right mix of social actors involved to achieve results? The initial pilots used outcome harvesting to review progress for 10 ongoing knowledge initiatives supporting World Bank programs or projects in strategic thematic areas. The teams retrospectively harvested information from about 2 to 5 years of program results. The analysis of each initiative s achievements included an outcome map to visualize the changes by timeline and actor and a change strategy map that summarized the outcome information to communicate the theory of change and results chain. Outcome harvesting tools can be used to gather evidence on key interventions and identify essential lessons, such as how best to adapt successful efforts to different contexts and how to choose the best mix of actors to involve. Teams recommended that precise learning can be used for informing program design and delivery, as well as defined areas for further operational research and evaluation.
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World Bank. 2014. Cases in Outcome Harvesting : Ten Pilot Experiences Identify New Learning from Multi-Stakeholder Projects to Improve Results. © Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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