Are There Lessons for Africa from China's Success against Poverty? Ravallion, Martin 2012-03-30T07:30:07Z 2012-03-30T07:30:07Z 2009
dc.description.abstract At the outset of China's reform period, the country had a far higher poverty rate than Africa as a whole. Within five years that was no longer true. This paper tries to explain how China escaped from a situation in which extreme poverty persisted due to failed and unpopular policies. While acknowledging that Africa faces constraints that China did not, two lessons for Africa stand out. The first is the initial importance of productivity growth in smallholder agriculture, which will require both market-based incentives and public support. The second is the role played by strong leadership and a capable public administration at all levels of government. en
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dc.title Are There Lessons for Africa from China's Success against Poverty? en
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