Publication: Simulating Distributional Impacts of Macro-dynamics : Theory and Practical Applications

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Simulating Distributional Impacts of Macro-dynamics: Theory and Practical Applications is a comprehensive guide for analyzing and understanding the effects of macroeconomic shocks on income and consumption distribution, as well as using the ADePT Simulation Module. Since real-time micro data is rarely available, the Simulation Module (part of the ADePT economic analysis software) takes advantage of historical household surveys to estimate how current or proposed macro changes might impact household and individuals welfare. Using examples from different economic and social contexts, the book explains macro-micro linkages in an easy and intuitive way. After developing a sound theoretical foundation, readers are then shown how to explore their own scenarios using the Simulation Module. Step-by-step instructions illustrate data entry and show how to make adjustments using the Module’s options. Exercises present how different sections of the simulation process operate independently. This book will be a valuable reference for analysts needing to evaluate the potential impact of structural reforms and to generate projections for hypothetical scenarios. Results created by the Simulation Module will be helpful in informing governmental policymaking.
Olivieri, Sergio; Radyakin, Sergiy; Kolenikov, Stainslav; Lokshin, Michael; Narayan, Ambar; Sánchez-Páramo, Carolina. 2014. Simulating Distributional Impacts of Macro-dynamics : Theory and Practical Applications. © World Bank Group, Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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