Publication: Vietnam : Learning from Smart Reforms on the Road to Universal Health Coverage

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Barroy, Helene
Jarawan, Eva
Bales, Sarah
Universal Health Coverage is a powerful framework for a nation aiming to protect their population against health risks. However, countries face multiple challenges in implementing, achieving and sustaining UHC strategies. Sharing and learning from diverse country experiences may enable to foster global and country progress toward that goal. The study seeks to contribute to the global effort of sharing potentially useful lessons to address policy concerns on the design and implementation of UHC strategies in LMICs. Vietnam is one of the LMICs that have taken relatively quick and effective actions to expand health coverage and improve financial protection in the last two decades. The country study, first, takes stock of UHC progress in Vietnam, examining both the breadth and the depth of health coverage and assessing financial protection and equity outputs (chapter one). Chapter two includes an in-depth analysis of some of the major success strategies and policy actions that the country took to expand health coverage and financial protection for all, including for the poor. Chapter three focuses on some of the UHC-related challenges that the country faces in pursuing expansion and sustaining UHC. Vietnam s experience suggests that, moving toward greater UHC outputs, the system must be constantly adjusted, and that UHC strategies must be adaptive, those used in the past to cover the formal sector and the poor may turn out inadequate to reach the uninsured in the informal sector.
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Barroy, Helene; Jarawan, Eva; Bales, Sarah. 2014. Vietnam : Learning from Smart Reforms on the Road to Universal Health Coverage. Health, nutrition, and population (HNP) discussion paper;. © World Bank Group, Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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