Publication: Towards a Just Coal Transition Labor Market Challenges and People’s Perspectives from Wielkopolska

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Ferré, Céline
Gajderowicz, Tomasz Janusz
Wrona, Sylwia Michalina
Part of a three-region set of papers analyzing coal-related labor market challenges in Poland, this paper focuses on Wielkopolska, which is most advanced in the transition out of coal. Finding viable job transitions is of enormous importance. The findings call for a more territorial-oriented approach to brokering the coal transition, rather than a sectoral one. First, even though limited from a regional perspective (4,000 workers), affected jobs are highly concentrated in a few already lagging and depopulating municipalities. Second, while coal-related workers are similarly skilled as other workers in Wielkopolska, non-coal related workers in the at-risk municipalities are substantially less skilled, exposing them to potential displacement effects. Finally, while ready to work and to be re-skilled, discrete choice experiments about their job attribute preferences show that all workers are averse both to commuting and relocating for work, even more so than in Silesia and Lower Silesia. Complementary social protection and employment support will be needed, and the paper suggests some policy options based on international experience. The paper concludes by illustrating how a big-data driven job-matching tool, calibrated on the Polish labor market, could be used to assist caseworkers in identifying “viable-job-transition-pathways” for affected workers as well as to help policymakers identify reskilling needs and attract investments.
Christiaensen, Luc; Ferré, Céline; Honorati, Maddalena; Gajderowicz, Tomasz Janusz; Wrona, Sylwia Michalina. 2022. Towards a Just Coal Transition Labor Market Challenges and People’s Perspectives from Wielkopolska. © Washington, DC: World Bank. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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