Liberia Economic Update: Investing in Human Capital for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth

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This is the third edition of the Liberia Economic Update (LEU), a series of annual reports that assesses recent economic developments in Liberia and assists the government and its development partners in identifying emerging issues and addressing persistent challenges. It presents a broad overview of Liberia’s macroeconomic context, assesses the macro-fiscal and growth outlook over the short and medium terms, and sheds light on the state of human capital in Liberia. The rebound in global and domestic activity and higher prices of Liberia’s main exports helped improve the country’s economic performance in 2021. The government’s fiscal position improved in 2021 due to strong revenue growth and tight expenditure management. The appreciation of the Liberian dollar, coupled with prudent fiscal and monetary policies, helped stem inflation in 2021. Liberia’s current account deficit widened despite stronger export growth. As domestic activity picked up, increased exports were offset by the surge in imports. Liberia’s medium-term outlook is positive but subject to significant downside risks and uncertainties. The positive outlook is underpinned by significant tailwinds for mining, the government’s planned scale-up of public investment, and the implementation of structural reforms in key sectors, including agriculture and energy. On the downside, there are risks and uncertainties related to the path of the pandemic at home and abroad, the war in Ukraine, and the upcoming general elections in 2023.
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World Bank Group. 2022. Liberia Economic Update: Investing in Human Capital for Inclusive and Sustainable Growth. © World Bank, Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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