Modernization of the District Heating Systems in Ukraine : Heat Metering and Consumption-Based Billing Semikolenova, Yadviga Pierce, Lauren Hankinson, Denzel 2014-02-25T20:51:23Z 2014-02-25T20:51:23Z 2012-03-20
dc.description.abstract District heating (DH) plays a critical role in meeting basic heating needs in Ukraine, but the sector faces serious challenges that must be resolved to avoid collapse. For DH companies, the primary concern is financial sustainability. Companies lack the revenue to invest adequately in DH networks leading to lower quality of service and higher operating costs. For customers, the primary concern is quality of service and affordability. Artificially low prices have resulted in the continued deterioration of DH supply assets (and gas supply assets) resulting in lower heat supply quality. Low DH prices have provided little incentive for investment in energy efficiency. As a result, Ukraine is one of the highest energy intensive countries in the world. Ukraine, together with other Former Soviet Union countries, did not follow the path chosen by their neighbors to modernize their DH sectors. Many countries of Eastern Europe enacted critical reforms in the 1990s to address problems related to affordability, quality of service, and financial sustainability similar to those now facing Ukraine. Evidence from these countries suggests that these challenges currently facing Ukraine, while difficult, are far from insurmountable. This study situates heat metering and consumption-based billing in the context of the various DH sector reforms needed in Ukraine. It builds on the work of previous studies including the recommendations of the 2010 Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP)-funded study, prepared by the World Bank that identified how to improve the DH sector in Kharkiv. That study outlined the potential for investments in DH systems in Kharkiv and other similar cities in Ukraine in both heat supply and demand side. It also recognized that policy changes needed to be initiated in order to create the enabling environment for this potential to be realized. en
dc.identifier.isbn 978-966-8869-47-5
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.publisher Washington, DC: World Bank
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.subject approach
dc.subject balance
dc.subject Billing
dc.subject Boiler
dc.subject boiler houses
dc.subject boilers
dc.subject building materials
dc.subject Cheating
dc.subject Cooling
dc.subject Cost of Gas
dc.subject cost of heat
dc.subject costs of heat production
dc.subject covers
dc.subject distribution losses
dc.subject distribution network
dc.subject district heat
dc.subject District Heating
dc.subject District Heating Systems
dc.subject domestic gas
dc.subject Electricity
dc.subject employment
dc.subject Energy consumption
dc.subject energy efficiency
dc.subject energy efficiency improvements
dc.subject energy needs
dc.subject energy prices
dc.subject energy savings
dc.subject Energy Sector
dc.subject energy services
dc.subject engineers
dc.subject fuel
dc.subject fuel costs
dc.subject fuel prices
dc.subject Gas
dc.subject gas boilers
dc.subject gas consumption
dc.subject gas fields
dc.subject gas Heating
dc.subject gas price
dc.subject gas prices
dc.subject gas supply
dc.subject Heat
dc.subject heat delivery
dc.subject heat demand
dc.subject heat energy
dc.subject heat exchanger
dc.subject heat loss
dc.subject heat meter
dc.subject Heat Metering
dc.subject heat meters
dc.subject heat production
dc.subject heat substations
dc.subject heat supply
dc.subject heat tariff
dc.subject heat tariffs
dc.subject heaters
dc.subject hot water
dc.subject hot water services
dc.subject investment in energy efficiency
dc.subject natural gas
dc.subject natural gas prices
dc.subject natural gas sector
dc.subject pipelines
dc.subject pipes
dc.subject Power
dc.subject Power Plant
dc.subject power plants
dc.subject price of gas
dc.subject quantity of heat
dc.subject residential building
dc.subject residential buildings
dc.subject residential consumers
dc.subject safety
dc.subject safety nets
dc.subject space heating
dc.subject supply costs
dc.subject supply efficiency
dc.subject sustainable operation
dc.subject tariff levels
dc.subject temperature
dc.subject temperature control
dc.subject utilities
dc.subject valves
dc.subject waste
dc.title Modernization of the District Heating Systems in Ukraine : Heat Metering and Consumption-Based Billing en
dspace.entity.type Publication 2012-06-18
okr.doctype Economic & Sector Work :: Energy Study
okr.doctype Economic & Sector Work 64989
okr.language.supported en Ukraine
okr.topic Energy :: Energy Production and Transportation
okr.topic Energy :: Power & Energy Conversion
okr.topic Science and Technology Development :: Engineering
okr.topic Water Supply and Sanitation :: Sanitation and Sewerage
okr.topic Water Supply and Sanitation :: Wastewater Treatment
okr.unit Energy Sector Management Assistance Program
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