Carbon Labelling and Low-Income Country Exports: A Review of the Development Issues Brenton, Paul Edwards-Jones, Gareth Jensen, Michael Friis 2012-03-30T07:32:54Z 2012-03-30T07:32:54Z 2009
dc.description.abstract This article discusses the carbon accounting and carbon-labelling schemes being developed to address growing concerns over climate change. Its particular concern is their impact on small stakeholders, especially low-income countries. The popular belief that trade is by definition problematic is not true; carbon efficiencies elsewhere in the supply chain may more than offset emissions from transportation. Indeed, low-income countries may offer important opportunities for carbon emission reductions because of their favourable climatic conditions and use of low energy-intensive production techniques. However, their effective inclusion in labelling schemes will require innovative solutions to provide low-cost data collection and certification. en
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dc.title Carbon Labelling and Low-Income Country Exports: A Review of the Development Issues en
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