Publication: Country Partnership Framework for Albania 2015-2019

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This Country Partnership Framework (CPF) sets out the World Bank Group (WBG) program for Albania for the period FY15-19, aimed at supporting Albanias aspiration to achieve equitable growth and integration into the European Union. Albania emerged from the collapse of isolationist communism in the early 1990s as one of the poorest countries in Europe. The country then experienced rapid growth of nearly 6 percent per annum, rising into the ranks of middle income countries by 2008. The global and Eurozone crises in 2008 brought Albanias growth to a near stand-still by 2012, and the country is struggling to recover, particularly given its historic ties to Europes poorer performing economies. The CPF reflects selectivity based on the fundamental priorities of the System Country Diagnostic (SCD) that allows for ramping up support from the World Bank Group. The CPF selectively chooses only five of the twelve SCD priorities, and builds a program of support around this subset of priorities on the basis of additional selectivity filters. These five fundamental priorities include: 1) restoring fiscal sustainability and maintaining financial stability; 2) establishing a high quality business environment; 3) providing clean, efficient, equitable and financially sustainable energy; 4) formalizing and enhancing inclusiveness and sustainability of land markets; and 5) enhancing governance, transparency and accountability of government.
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World Bank Group. 2015. Country Partnership Framework for Albania 2015-2019. © World Bank, Tirana. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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