Publication: FYR Macedonia Green Growth Country Assessment

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World Bank Group
This green growth country assessment for Former Yugoslav Republic (FYR) Macedonia aims to define the outlines of a green growth path and the initial steps along that path. According to the World Bank's recent flagship report, green growth is 'growth that is efficient in its use of natural resources, clean in that it minimizes pollution and environmental impacts, and resilient in that it accounts for natural hazards and the role of environmental management and natural capital in preventing physical disasters.' While most countries might agree that such growth is a worthy goal, determining what a green growth path might mean for a particular country is a significant challenge. Green growth can be defined more precisely, as economic growth with more sustainable use of natural resources (minerals, water and clean air, and biodiversity), with proper consideration of mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions; with attention to adaptation to a changing climate; and with more focus on innovation and green jobs to enhance benefits flowing from the technological innovation and new industries spurred by a shift to green growth. This report takes a practical approach to identifying specific challenges and opportunities FYR Macedonia faces in building its green growth future and to present them in a form useful for decision makers. The report will address mitigation, adaptation, and the most immediately challenging resource sustainability issue, clean air. This report summarizes analytic work undertaken in sectors and on issues selected as critical for defining and understanding the green growth path of the country, with an emphasis on climate action. Chapters of the report start with an overview of the relevant challenges to green growth of climate adaptation and mitigation, and then set out the methodology applied the findings that emerged, and consequent recommendations. The nine sectors and issues that constitute the components of the green growth country assessment are represented in the opening graphic in this summary.
World Bank Group. 2014. FYR Macedonia Green Growth Country Assessment. © Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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