Rethinking Resource Conflict McNeish, John-Andrew 2012-06-26T15:40:33Z 2012-06-26T15:40:33Z 2011
dc.description.abstract Reconsiders how natural resource abundance in minerals, oil and gas, water, and land is frequently associated with various negative development outcomes. Policy making has been affected by the theories on (1) economic performance of resource abundance; (2) political behavioral variables; and (3) civil war onset, duration, and intensity. Mechanisms that abate the resource curse include short-term confidence and peacebuilding, reconstruction of war economies, corporate social responsibility (CSR), medium-term legitimacy and state-building achieved through fiscal transparency and sharing of resource revenues, and regional anti-corruption strategies. The need for more qualitative social and historical analysis demands a new approach to the socio-economics of resource governance which builds on current scholarly trends toward reinstating grievance alongside greed as a factor defining natural resource conflict and suggests the further study of contrasting resource epistemologies as another layer in such friction. Including a larger spectrum of conflict reveals the importance of civil society, and with it of bargaining and confrontation to secure public agreements on natural resource management and the distribution of rents. en
dc.language English
dc.publisher Washington, DC: World Bank
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.rights.holder World Bank
dc.subject World Development Report 2011
dc.title Rethinking Resource Conflict en
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okr.crosscuttingsolutionarea Fragility, Conflict, and Violence
okr.globalpractice Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience
okr.globalpractice Poverty
okr.globalpractice Environment and Natural Resources
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okr.region.administrative Africa
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okr.topic Conflict and Development
okr.topic Environment
okr.topic Poverty Reduction
okr.topic Rural Development
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