Welfare Tracking in the Aftermath of Crisis: The Central Sulawesi Disaster Response

The September 2018 earthquake, tsunami, and liquefaction in Central Sulawesi—the deadliest natural disaster to hit Indonesia since the 2004 Aceh tsunami—exposed challenges in accessing real-time data on what assistance, how much assistance, and where immediate assistance is needed for emergency relief, and the subsequent recovery and reconstruction phases. In response, the World Bank developed a Welfare Tracking in the Aftermath of Crisis (WelTrAC) tool, which employs a mixture of panel household survey data and remote-sensed satellite imagery data to integrate micro and macro levels of disaster impact and recovery assessments, and presents the updated findings regularly on an interactive web-based monitoring dashboard. WelTrAC aims to fill the information gaps on the dynamics of welfare and living conditions of disaster-affected victims during the period following a disaster. Such information is crucial in strengthening the Government’s ability to implement effective disaster response strategies for rapid and sustainable recovery.
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Purnamasari, Ririn Salwa; Febriady, Ade; Wirapati, Bagus A.; Farid, M. Noor; Milne, Peter; Kawasoe, Yasuhiro; Vun, Jian; Engstrom, Ryan; Nasiir, Mercoledi. 2021. Welfare Tracking in the Aftermath of Crisis: The Central Sulawesi Disaster Response. © World Bank, Jakarta. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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