Publication: The Aluminum Industry in West and Central Africa : Lessons Learned and Prospects for the Future

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Husband, Charles
Veen, Peter van der
The purpose of this working paper is to evaluate the future of the aluminum industry in West and Central Africa, with a focus on aluminum smelting and its relationship with power generation and availability in the regions. The organization of this study is as follows. It continues with an overview of the global aluminum industry, including a description of the production process, current and projected supply and demand, and the most important cost considerations for companies investing in the industry. Chapter two provides a brief history and future prospects for the aluminum sector in West and Central Africa. Chapter three contains an analysis of the viability of the two most important existing smelters in the regions, Valco in Ghana and Alucam in Cameroon, as well as a briefer analysis of Alscon in Nigeria and the potential for other smelters in the regions. In chapter four, the recent experience of the three large aluminum smelters in southeast Africa is reviewed and lessons are extracted for West and Central Africa. Conclusions and recommendations are in chapter five.
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Husband, Charles; McMahon, Gary; Veen, Peter van der. 2009. The Aluminum Industry in West and Central Africa : Lessons Learned and Prospects for the Future. Extractive industries for development series;no. 13. © World Bank, Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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