Improving the Business Trade Licensing Reform Environment Gamser, Matthew 2012-06-26T15:39:26Z 2012-06-26T15:39:26Z 2003
dc.description.abstract This case study of Kenyan business trade licensing shows that red-tape costs can be cut if reform is championed strongly and there is a strong case in terms of costs and benefits. The reform of business registration, trade licensing and other business entry procedures is a cost effective and progressive way to promote indigenous private sector development. But, reform needs more than good cost-benefit analysis and legal drafting; it also requires building constituencies and continuous advocacy. en
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dc.publisher Washington, DC: World Bank
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.rights.holder World Bank
dc.subject World Development Report 2005
dc.title Improving the Business Trade Licensing Reform Environment en
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