Mapping Carbon Pricing Initiatives : Developments and Prospects 2013 Kossoy, Alexandre Oppermann, Klaus Reddy, Rama Chandra Bosi, Martina Boukerche, Sandrine Höhne, Niklas Klein, Noémie Gilbert, Alyssa Jung, Martina Borkent, Bram Lam, Long Röser, Frauke Braun, Nadine Hänsel, Gesine Warnecke, Carsten 2013-09-16T20:45:58Z 2013-09-16T20:45:58Z 2013-05
dc.description.abstract The Mapping Carbon Pricing Initiatives Report maps existing and emerging carbon pricing initiatives around the world. It does not provide a quantitative, transaction-based analysis of the international carbon market since current market conditions invalidate any attempt to undertake such an analysis. The development of national and subnational carbon pricing initiatives in an increasing number of countries calls for a different focus. The uncertainty surrounding the existing carbon markets in the last years has prevented valuable resources to be channeled to low-carbon investments, particularly from the private sector. Following the economic downturn and slow economic recovery in major economies, industrial output plummeted and the demand for carbon assets used for compliance fell. With limited support, prices reached historical lows. At the same time, several national and sub-national carbon pricing initiatives are emerging. It is not surprising that several of these new carbon pricing initiatives also include design features to prevent similar developments in the future, including mechanisms to stabilize the carbon price. en
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.publisher World Bank, Washington, DC
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.rights.holder World Bank
dc.subject abatement
dc.subject acid
dc.subject acid production
dc.subject adaptation activities
dc.subject Air
dc.subject allocation
dc.subject Allowance
dc.subject annual emissions
dc.subject average price
dc.subject Calculation
dc.subject caps
dc.subject Carbon
dc.subject carbon assets
dc.subject Carbon Capture
dc.subject Carbon Credit
dc.subject carbon credits
dc.subject Carbon Dioxide
dc.subject Carbon Dioxide Equivalent
dc.subject carbon emission
dc.subject carbon footprint
dc.subject Carbon Fund
dc.subject carbon funds
dc.subject carbon investment
dc.subject carbon market
dc.subject Carbon Market Analyst
dc.subject carbon market development
dc.subject carbon markets
dc.subject Carbon Offset
dc.subject carbon offsets
dc.subject Carbon price
dc.subject carbon prices
dc.subject Carbon Pricing
dc.subject carbon project
dc.subject Carbon projects
dc.subject carbon reductions
dc.subject carbon sinks
dc.subject Carbon Tax
dc.subject Carbon taxes
dc.subject carbon technologies
dc.subject certificate trading
dc.subject certification scheme
dc.subject Certified Emission Reduction
dc.subject Certified Emission Reductions
dc.subject CH4
dc.subject Clean Development
dc.subject Clean Development Mechanism
dc.subject clean energy
dc.subject Climate
dc.subject Climate Action
dc.subject Climate Change
dc.subject climate change agreement
dc.subject climate change mitigation
dc.subject Climate Impact
dc.subject Climate Policy
dc.subject Co
dc.subject CO2
dc.subject colors
dc.subject conservation of forests
dc.subject convergence
dc.subject decision making
dc.subject Developed Countries
dc.subject Dioxide Carbon
dc.subject DNA
dc.subject domestic carbon
dc.subject domestic emissions
dc.subject domestic market
dc.subject domestic markets
dc.subject domestic offset projects
dc.subject Domestic offsets
dc.subject economic model
dc.subject economic recovery
dc.subject Ecosystem
dc.subject Emission
dc.subject Emission Reduction
dc.subject emission reduction target
dc.subject Emission Reduction Unit
dc.subject Emission Reduction Units
dc.subject Emission Reductions
dc.subject Emission Reductions Purchase Agreement
dc.subject Emissions
dc.subject emissions allowances
dc.subject Emissions from Deforestation
dc.subject emissions levels
dc.subject emissions projections
dc.subject Emissions Reduction
dc.subject energy efficiency
dc.subject energy efficiency standards
dc.subject Environmental
dc.subject environmental benefits
dc.subject environmental integrity
dc.subject Environmental Protection
dc.subject fair
dc.subject feasibility
dc.subject feasibility studies
dc.subject financial support
dc.subject Forest
dc.subject Forest Carbon
dc.subject Forest Degradation
dc.subject forest loss
dc.subject Forestry
dc.subject fossil fuel
dc.subject Framework Convention on Climate Change
dc.subject fuel pricing
dc.subject GHG
dc.subject GHGs
dc.subject global carbon market
dc.subject global climate change
dc.subject global emissions
dc.subject Gold
dc.subject Greenhouse
dc.subject Greenhouse Gas
dc.subject greenhouse gas emissions
dc.subject greenhouse gases
dc.subject impacts of climate change
dc.subject industrial activity
dc.subject international allowances
dc.subject international carbon market
dc.subject international carbon markets
dc.subject international climate negotiations
dc.subject international credits
dc.subject International Emissions
dc.subject international market
dc.subject international offsets
dc.subject IPCC
dc.subject Land Use
dc.subject Land-Use Change
dc.subject low-carbon
dc.subject market conditions
dc.subject market instruments
dc.subject market mechanism
dc.subject market risks
dc.subject market share
dc.subject Marketplace
dc.subject Meteorology
dc.subject Methane
dc.subject Mitigation Actions
dc.subject monitoring equipment
dc.subject N2O
dc.subject national emission
dc.subject Natural Gas
dc.subject Nitrous Oxide
dc.subject Offset Program
dc.subject Offset Project
dc.subject Oil
dc.subject Perfluorocarbon
dc.subject policy instruments
dc.subject portfolio
dc.subject Potential demand
dc.subject pp
dc.subject price decrease
dc.subject price floor
dc.subject price stabilization
dc.subject price volatility
dc.subject Pricing Mechanism
dc.subject pricing mechanisms
dc.subject pricing schemes
dc.subject purchase agreements
dc.subject Reducing Emissions
dc.subject regional emissions
dc.subject Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative
dc.subject regulatory framework
dc.subject renewable energy
dc.subject sale
dc.subject sales
dc.subject SF6
dc.subject spot price
dc.subject spread
dc.subject Sulfur
dc.subject Sulfur hexafluoride
dc.subject suppliers
dc.subject supply side
dc.subject surplus
dc.subject surplus of allowances
dc.subject surpluses
dc.subject sustainable development
dc.subject sustainable forest
dc.subject sustainable forest management
dc.subject temperature
dc.subject tradable emissions
dc.subject trade system
dc.subject tropical deforestation
dc.subject uncertainties
dc.subject UNEP
dc.subject use of offsets
dc.subject validation process
dc.subject verification of emission reductions
dc.subject verification systems
dc.subject voluntary emission
dc.subject Voluntary Emissions
dc.subject waste management
dc.subject wetlands
dc.subject willingness to accept
dc.subject willingness to pay
dc.title Mapping Carbon Pricing Initiatives : Developments and Prospects 2013 en
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okr.crosscuttingsolutionarea Climate Change 2013-05-29
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okr.doctype Publications & Research
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okr.topic Macroeconomics and Economic Growth :: Markets and Market Access
okr.unit Carbon Finance (CPFCF)
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