The Little Green Data Book 2012 World Bank 2013-02-07T17:31:18Z 2013-02-07T17:31:18Z 2012-05
dc.description.abstract This year's edition of the little green data book includes a focus story on oceans and its ecosystem services, as well as estimates of global marine fisheries wealth accounts, a first step in capturing the value of this important resource stock. A new set of ocean-related indicators are also introduced, highlighting the role of oceans in economic development and providing policy makers the information to make better decisions for the sustainable management of oceans. These and other related data are freely available online at as part of the World Bank's open data initiative. For more than a decade, the little green data book has served as a knowledge resource that aids policy makers in using environmental data more effectively to support priority-setting and improve development outcomes. It is the result of close collaboration between the Development Data Group of the Development Economics Vice Presidency and the Environment Department of the Sustainable Development Vice Presidency of the World Bank. en
dc.identifier.isbn 978-0-8213-8993-5
dc.language.iso en_US
dc.publisher Washington, DC
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.rights.holder World Bank
dc.subject air
dc.subject air pollution
dc.subject air quality
dc.subject air quality standards
dc.subject arable land
dc.subject biodiversity
dc.subject biodiversity Energy
dc.subject Biomass
dc.subject Carbon
dc.subject Carbon dioxide
dc.subject carbon dioxide emission
dc.subject Carbon dioxide emissions
dc.subject censuses
dc.subject climate
dc.subject climate change
dc.subject CO2
dc.subject coal
dc.subject Coal Oil
dc.subject coastal zones
dc.subject Deforestation
dc.subject developed countries
dc.subject developing countries
dc.subject diesel
dc.subject economic activity
dc.subject economic growth
dc.subject Electricity
dc.subject emission levels
dc.subject Emissions
dc.subject emissions growth
dc.subject energy demand
dc.subject energy efficiency
dc.subject energy efficiency measures
dc.subject Energy Emissions
dc.subject energy mix
dc.subject energy use
dc.subject Food production
dc.subject Forest
dc.subject Forest area
dc.subject Forests
dc.subject fossil
dc.subject fossil fuel
dc.subject fuel consumption
dc.subject future generations
dc.subject greenhouse
dc.subject greenhouse gas
dc.subject greenhouse gas emissions
dc.subject greenhouse gases
dc.subject greenhouse gases emissions
dc.subject gross national income
dc.subject household surveys
dc.subject Hydropower
dc.subject impacts of climate change
dc.subject improving energy efficiency
dc.subject IPCC
dc.subject live births
dc.subject market economies
dc.subject member states
dc.subject Millennium Development Goals
dc.subject mortality
dc.subject mortality rate
dc.subject National accounting
dc.subject National governments
dc.subject natural gas
dc.subject oil equivalent
dc.subject particulate
dc.subject Particulate emission
dc.subject particulate matter
dc.subject Ph
dc.subject PM10
dc.subject pollutants
dc.subject Population density
dc.subject power consumption
dc.subject progress
dc.subject public health
dc.subject public transportation
dc.subject renewable sources
dc.subject rural areas
dc.subject rural population
dc.subject sanitation
dc.subject sea level
dc.subject sea level rise
dc.subject solid waste
dc.subject solid waste management
dc.subject species
dc.subject total energy demand
dc.subject Transport sector
dc.subject transportation
dc.subject urban areas
dc.subject Urban population
dc.subject Urban population growth
dc.subject urban populations
dc.subject urbanization
dc.subject use per capita
dc.subject vulnerability
dc.subject waste
dc.subject World Population
dc.title The Little Green Data Book 2012 en
dspace.entity.type Publication
okr.crosscuttingsolutionarea Climate Change 2012-05-17
okr.doctype Publications & Research :: Publication
okr.doctype Publications & Research
okr.globalpractice Environment and Natural Resources
okr.globalpractice Health, Nutrition, and Population
okr.globalpractice Energy and Extractives
okr.identifier.doi 10.1596/978-0-8213-8993-5 68967
okr.language.supported en
okr.topic Energy :: Energy Production and Transportation
okr.topic Environment :: Environmental Economics & Policies
okr.topic Environment :: Climate Change Mitigation and Green House Gases
okr.topic Energy :: Energy and Environment
okr.topic Health, Nutrition and Population :: Population Policies
okr.unit Development Data Group (DECDG)
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