Publication: Growth Prospects for Rukwa Region : Constraints and Opportunities

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World Bank
The Tanzania country office of the World Bank has been exploring ways in which it can be more responsive to Government in supporting the National Strategy for Growth and Alleviation of Poverty (MKUKUTA) and ensuring growth is an integral part of strategic planning. Given Tanzania's great regional variations in resource endowments, growth potential and degree of institutional development, it was proposed that a regional case study of growth prospects and constraints be undertaken in collaboration with local stakeholders in a remote region of Tanzania. Based on this, the 'growth cluster group' of the World Bank Tanzania country team decided to embark on Economic and Sector Work (ESW) in Rukwa region with the following objectives: (1) enhancing knowledge of Rukwa's resources, infrastructure and growth potential, as well as specific constraints at both regional and district level, and improve awareness of cross-sectional synergies in advancing growth; (2) identifying promising processes for the formulation and implementation of local growth strategies that involve adequate stakeholders consultation, are technically sound, and provide for appropriate higher level (regional and central) input; and (3) identifying priority activities and investments, within a five year time-frame, given expected budgetary flows and local resources. This should improve the strategic focus of regional and district growth strategies. The study aims to improve the understanding of local area development potential and constraints, and help regional, Local Government Authority (LGA), and Bank staff understands the contribution of different sectors to a more coherent growth/poverty reduction agenda in a specific regional setting. This report contains the study findings, being a result of literature review and interviews conducted with regional and LGA officials, residents of Rukwa and representatives of institutions operating in Rukwa region.The findings were presented at a 'stakeholders workshop' that was held in Sumbawanga on May 17 and 18, 2007. The workshop assisted to disseminate information on utilization of the identified potentials and which are: (a) growth and reduction of income poverty; (ii) improved quality of life and social well-being; and (iii) good governance and accountability constraints to enhance the planning process and use of available resources.
World Bank. 2007. Growth Prospects for Rukwa Region : Constraints and Opportunities. © Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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