The Future of Small Farms : Synthesis Paper Hazell, Peter Poulton, Colin Wiggins, Steve Dorward, Andrew 2012-06-26T15:41:57Z 2012-06-26T15:41:57Z 2006
dc.description.abstract Do small farms have a future in the developing world? Agriculture and small farms have played a major role in development and poverty reduction in the past, but changing global conditions and donor policies, and the characteristics of today's poor countries are widely acknowledged as making this much more difficult now. The paper develops a typology of country contexts in which the differing roles and needs for small scale agriculture development are considered. It clarifies current debates regarding (a) the potential for small farm development as a driver of growth and poverty reduction and (b) the roles of governments and the private sector in promoting such development. en
dc.language English
dc.publisher Washington, DC: World Bank
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.rights.holder World Bank
dc.subject World Development Report 2008
dc.title The Future of Small Farms : Synthesis Paper en
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okr.crosscuttingsolutionarea Fragility, Conflict, and Violence
okr.globalpractice Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management
okr.globalpractice Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience
okr.globalpractice Agriculture
okr.globalpractice Poverty
okr.globalpractice Environment and Natural Resources
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okr.region.administrative Africa
okr.topic Agriculture
okr.topic Conflict and Development
okr.topic Environment
okr.topic Finance
okr.topic Macroeconomics and Economic Growth
okr.topic Poverty Reduction
okr.topic Rural Development
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