Publication: Financial Sector Assessment Program - Albania : Public Debt Management

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World Bank
International Monetary Fund
Government debt continues to expand, reaching over all 872 billion, approximately 62 percent of gross domestic product (GDP), as of end-September 2013. Domestic debt grew sharply in the first half of 2013, emanating largely from poor tax revenue performance, together with the accumulation of a large stock of unpaid bills and arrears. External debt creditors comprise multilaterals, bilateral creditors, and private creditors. The concentrated nature of the investor base and the high domestic debt stock limit the choices available to debt management, particularly with regards to extending the maturity of the domestic debt. Public debt management in Albania follows an organized process but will benefit from a number of technical changes. The domestic borrowing plan has been revised frequently due to unexpected flows in the treasury account. In an environment of volatile treasury balances, cash flows safety nets or minimum cash buffers should be implemented. A number of initiatives are recommended to improve the transmission of price signals in the primary market - overall this will provide incentives for secondary market development. To support the development of the secondary market the General Directorate of public debt management should modify its issuance program and focus on key maturities on the yield curve. It is suggested that the issuance program takes a small step in this direction by limiting the number of tenors and focusing on for example, two, five, seven, and ten-year treasury bonds as well as increasing the frequency of 5 and 7-year maturities from quarterly to bi-monthly. This will provide more frequent price discovery in the primary market that will support portfolio valuation.
World Bank; International Monetary Fund. 2014. Financial Sector Assessment Program - Albania : Public Debt Management. © World Bank, Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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