Linden, Toby

authorProfile.OrchidId 0000-0003-2251-0901 Linden, Toby Linden, Tobias false
authorProfile.biography Toby Linden has had a long and diverse career working in countries across the globe with the World Bank, including in South Asia, Southeast and Central Europe, and Southern and Eastern Africa. His publications include <i>Lifelong Learning in the Global Knowledge Economy: Challenges for Developing Countries</i>, with Harry Patrinos, and <i>Getting the Right Teachers into the Right Schools: Managing India’s Teacher Workforce</i>, with Vimala Ramachandran and others. He also served as director of the Roma Education Fund, an international nongovernmental organization working to improve the educational outcomes of Roma (Gypsies), the poorest minority in Europe. Previously, he worked for the British Council and England’s national Department for Education. M.A. Lead Economist, HSAED, The World Bank false
authorProfile.specialization Secondary education
authorProfile.specialization Tertiary education
authorProfile.specialization Skills and workforce development
authorProfile.specialization Roma
authorProfile.specialization India
authorProfile.specialization Southeast Europe
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dc.title Linden, Toby
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dc.title.alternative Linden, Tobias
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person.givenName Toby
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