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authorProfile.biography I am a native of California and received my PhD in economics from UC Berkeley. I worked as an Assistant Professor at Syracuse University, in the Asia Department of the IMF and in the Research Department of the US International Trade Commission. I have published widely on resource-rich countries, the impact of trade policy on productivity and growth, nontariff barriers, and on trade in services. Since joining the World Bank, I have worked on West African and Middle Eastern countries, focusing on public expenditures, growth and governance. I also worked on mutli-country projects in Africa and the regulation of multi-country infrastructure. My greatest pleasure is working closely with our client countries. PhD in Economics, UC Berkeley Poverty Reduct & Econ. Mgmt Dept, Middle East & North Africa Region, World Bank:##:
authorProfile.department.url Poverty Reduct & Econ. Mgmt Dept, Middle East & North Africa Region, World Bank:##: false
authorProfile.profile.public true
authorProfile.specialization Public Sector; International Trade; Regulation
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dc.title Benjamin, Nancy Claire
dc.title.alternative Benjamin, Nancy Claire
dc.title.alternative Benjamin, Nancy C.
dc.title.alternative Benjamin, Nancy
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person.familyName Benjamin
person.givenName Nancy Claire
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