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authorProfile.biography Deborah Winkler is a Senior Economist in the World Bank Group’s Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment Global Practice. Deborah has worked on issues of global value chains, offshoring, export competitiveness, foreign direct investment, and trade in services; their determinants; and their economic and social effects. She is particularly interested in the role that policy can play in shaping the trade-development nexus and has offered her policy analysis and advice to a variety of client countries spanning all world regions. Ms. Winkler is the author and editor of several flagship publications at the World Bank, including Making Global Value Chains Work for Development (with Daria Taglioni) and Making Foreign Direct Investment Work for Sub-Saharan Africa (with Thomas Farole). Recently, Deborah was a lead author of the Women and Trade Report: The Role of Trade in Promoting Gender Equality and a core team member of the World Development Report 2020: Trading for Development in the Age of Global Value Chains. She is a former Research Associate of the New School for Social Research and received her PhD in economics from the University of Hohenheim in Germany where she authored Outsourcing Economics (with William Milberg, CUP) and Services Offshoring and Its Impact on the Labor Market (Springer). Her articles have appeared in several journals and edited volumes. Ph.D., Economics, Hohenheim University Macroeconomics, Trade and Investment Global Practice:##:
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authorProfile.specialization International economics
authorProfile.specialization Global value chains
authorProfile.specialization Export competitiveness
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authorProfile.specialization Offshoring
authorProfile.specialization Trade
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dc.title Winkler, Deborah
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dc.title.alternative Winkler, Deborah Elisabeth
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person.familyName Winkler
person.givenName Deborah
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