Brixi, Hana Brixi, Hana Polackova Brixi, Hana Polackova, Hana Polackova, H. Brixi, H. Brixi, H.P. true
authorProfile.biography As Practice Manager, Dr. Brixi leads the World Bank engagement on social protection and employment in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. In her career in the World Bank, Dr. Brixi has been advancing analytic and operational contribution to human development, service delivery, and public sector governance. She led the Global Solutions Group on Public Service Delivery and a Thematic Group on Quality of Fiscal Adjustment; and held senior technical positions across regions, including Program Leader for the Gulf countries, Lead Economist for Human Development in the MENA region, and Senior Economist in China and in countries of Europe and Central & South East Asia. Based in China during 2001-10, she served as World Health Organization’s Sector Leader for Health Sector Development and UNICEF Social Policy Chief; and she taught international development as a Visiting Professor at Tsinghua University, School of Public Policy and Management, in Beijing. She published several books, including Trust, Voice and Incentives on governance and service delivery and Government at Risk on contingent liabilities and fiscal risk management (Oxford University Press), and numerous articles on topics of public finance, governance, and human development in professional journals. Ph.D., Physics, Masaryk University; Master in Public Affairs, Princeton Global Practice on Social Protection and Jobs:##:
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authorProfile.specialization Public sector governance
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authorProfile.specialization Public service delivery
authorProfile.specialization Human development
authorProfile.specialization Social Protection and Labor
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dc.title Brixi, Hana
dc.title.alternative Brixi, Hana
dc.title.alternative Polackova Brixi, Hana
dc.title.alternative Polackova, Hana
dc.title.alternative Polackova, H.
dc.title.alternative Brixi, H.
dc.title.alternative Brixi, H.P.
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person.familyName Brixi
person.givenName Hana
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