Journal Issue: Development Outreach, Volume 10, Issue 3

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(World Bank, 2008-10-01) Kojima, Masami ; Klytchnikova, Irina ; Neal, Christopher ; Lawton, Anna
Biofuels trade liberalization would increase competition in the sector. But for this to deliver net gains in welfare for developing countries a level playing field is needed.
Rising Food Prices
(World Bank, 2008-10-01) Zaman, Hassan ; Delgado, Christopher ; Mitchell, Donald ; Revenga, Ana ; Neal, Christopher ; Lawton, Anna
A review of the best policy interventions to respond to food price increases in local markets.
Conservation Tillage Promises More Profitable and Sustainable Farms…
(World Bank, 2008-10-01) Klytchnikova, Irina ; Neal, Christopher ; Lawton, Anna
Zero-tillage is becoming an increasingly important conservation technology. The challenge for researchers is to develop technologies and equipment adaptable to local climatic conditions.
Managing the Exodus
(World Bank, 2008-10-01) Macours, Karen ; Sadoulet, Elisabeth ; Neal, Christopher ; Lawton, Anna
As the labor force in agriculture grows smaller, displaced rural workers need new options. Effective preparedness of those who leave the farm is a critical part of an overall strategy to mobilize agriculture for development.
Capturing the Benefits of Genetically Modified Organisms for the Poor
(World Bank, 2008-10-01) Ragasa, Catherine ; Pehu, Eija ; Neal, Christopher ; Lawton, Anna
The controversy swirling around GMOs in rich countries should not obscure their potential to reduce poverty among poor farmers.
Women Make Income Gains by Shifting from Subsistence to Cash Crops
(World Bank, 2008-10-01) Brown, Lynn ; Neal, Christopher ; Lawton, Anna
Enabling women to move beyond subsistence and into market-oriented production is important for successful agricultural development. An example from Mozambique.
Linking Small Farmers to the Market
(World Bank, 2008-10-01) Umali-Deininger, Dina ; Neal, Christopher ; Lawton, Anna
The private sector can help smallholders to participate in modern supply chains. This type of collaboration will be critical to agricultural development.
Agriculture’s Special Powers in Reducing Poverty
(World Bank, 2008-10-01) Savanti, Paula ; Sadoulet, Elisabeth ; Neal, Christopher ; Lawton, Anna
Agriculture can reduce poverty directly, but the contribution of agriculture to poverty reduction differs according to country types.
Making Agriculture a Development Priority
(World Bank, 2008-10-01) Byerlee, Derek ; de Janvry, Alain ; Neal, Christopher ; Lawton, Anna
The fundamental role of agriculture for development in the 21st century deserves greater attention from governments and international development agencies.
Prospective Benefits from Cotton Subsidy Cuts and New Technologies
(World Bank, 2008-10-01) Anderson, Kym ; Valenzuela, Ernesto ; Neal, Christopher ; Lawton, Anna
While waiting for the removal of cotton subsidies, farmers can benefit from the adoption of GM cotton varieties currently available to them, as the experiences of China and India indicate.
Pilot Innovations Could Reignite Anemic Rural Finance
(World Bank, 2008-10-01) Kloeppinger-Todd, Renate ; Agwe, Jonathan ; Neal, Christopher ; Lawton, Anna
Rural finance and credit services to smallholder farmers are high-risk activities. But there is hope for a boost because rural finance has a pivotal role to play amid rising food prices and the need to increase agricultural production.
A Window of Opportunities for Poor Farmers
(World Bank, 2008-10-01) Byerlee, Derek ; de Janvry, Alain ; Townsend, Robert ; Savanti, Paula ; Neal, Christopher ; Lawton, Anna
Farmers may help solve the food, feed, and fuel crises, and prosper as a result, with the aid of political support and investments in agriculture.