Journal Issue: Development Outreach, Volume 12, Issue 1

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The Three Stands of Innovation : An Interview with Jean-François Richard
( 2010-07) Liounis, Audrey
In his 2002 book, High Noon, economist and former World Bank vice president Jean Francois Rischard stressed that in order to address urgent, global issues, the world nedded "imagination and a different type of thinking"-and needed it within two decades, not five or ten.
Catalyzing Change through Innovation : A Framework for Rethinking Development
( 2010-07) Pradhan, Sanjay
The need for intellectual exchange, thinking outside the box, and cooperation has never been greater.
Innovation Policy for the Developing World : Success Stories and Promising Approaches
( 2010-07) Aubert, Jean-Eric
Innovation, particularly technological innovation, is widely touted as a panacea for development.
Why Science Is Important for Innovation
( 2010-07) Conway, Gordon ; Waage, Jeff
Science underpins improvements in human welfare, through technologies which it develops for health, food production, engineering and communication.
Innovations in Development : Where Traditional Markets Fail
( 2010-07) Walji, Aleem
As we think about the last several decades and what has really moved the needle in international development, we can't help but acknowledge the revolution in financial services to the poor that has grown into the multi-billion dollar micro-finance industry.
Ashoka Fellows Change the World
( 2010-07) Wells, Diana
While reducing the cost of solar energy and increasing the income of rural farmers are big problems, these specific problems will be solved and there will be new problems.
Putting Nairobi's Slums on the Map
( 2010-07) Hagen, Erica
The streets of Kibera, one of the largets slums in Africa, are narrowly winding pathways strewn with garbage, divided down the middle by streams of sewage and waste that make walking treacherous.
Design Thinking for Social Innovation
( 2010-07) Brown, Tim ; Wyatt, Jocelyn
Designers have traditionally focused on enchancing the look and functionality of products.
Development Marketplace Winners : On the Pathway to Replication and Sustainability
( 2010-07) Grubisich, Tom
Even before Panos Varangis and his team of World Bank, insurance practitioners, and academics competed for a US$117,000 grant in Development Marketplace 2000, they were, like chess players, already planning how to fund and test their concept in countries beyond the scope of their DM application.
BRAC : A Laboratory for Systematic Solutions
( 2010-07) Spainhower, Kirsten
We are currently riding a wave of creative responses to some of the world's most intractable problems, led by many different actors from a variety of backgrounds.
Mobile Technology : One Core Lesson, Many Possible Solutions
( 2010-07) Quadir, Iqbal Z.
Over half of people in poor countries, including a quarter of those over the age of 14 in Afghanistan, use mobile phones.
Development Marketplace : A Sillicon Valley for Development
( 2010-07) Kuraishi, Mari
In 1999, as news of protesters being subdued with pepper spray in Seattle at the WTO Ministerial Conference came drifting in, we sat explaining our plans for the World Bank's first Development Marketplace to a senior member of the International Finance Corporation's innovation team.
Communications as Innovation in Social Entreprise
( 2010-07) Wilson, Edith R. ; Murby, Richard
With the merger of social media and communication and the speed at which social networks are building out around the world, only one thing is certain: a vital part of daily life is changing fundamentally all ove the world, including how innovative ideas spread.
Leadership and Innovation
( 2010-07) Capozzi, Marla M.
Leaders say that people and culture are the most important drivers of innovation. This article shows how leaders can create conditions for greater innovation, within and beyond their organizations, to increase development impact.
Social Entrepreneurship as a Bottom-Up Model of Socio-Economic Development
( 2010-07) Koch, James L.
In most parts of the world, if conventional hierarchic organizations and risk-averse bureaucracies fail, they lose their reputation.