Publication: Towards Interventions in Human Resources for Health in Ghana : Evidence for Health Workforce Planning and Results

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Appiah-Denkyira, Ebenezer
Soucat, Agnes
This book towards interventions in human resources for health in Ghana is a collaborative effort between the government of Ghana and the World Bank, was developed to assist the ministry of health to obtain an overview of the unique human resources for health (HRH) challenges that Ghana faces. Evidence on the stock, distribution, and performance of health workers in Ghana, as well as on some of the underlying determinants of these HRH outcomes, will help support the government resolve to develop strategies and interventions to address HRH concerns and ultimately strengthen its health system. The content of this book was developed, discussed, and validated by means of extensive consultations with the technical working group on (HRH) in Ghana. This book contents totally eight chapters: chapter one covers toward evidence-based interventions for HRH; chapter two covers the stock of health workers; chapter three covers the distribution of health workers; chapter four covers the performance of health workers; chapter five covers Ghana Agencies and their roles and responsibilities in HRH; chapter six covers interventions to increase stock and improve distribution and performance of HRH; chapter seven covers financing available for policy and interventions; and chapter eights covers the political economy of crafting policy.
Appiah-Denkyira, Ebenezer; Herbst, Christopher H.; Soucat, Agnes; Lemiere, Christophe; Saleh, Karima. 2013. Towards Interventions in Human Resources for Health in Ghana : Evidence for Health Workforce Planning and Results. Directions in Development--Human Development. © Washington, DC: World Bank. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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