02. Books

2,338 publications available

These books are formal publications, mostly published by the World Bank. This collection also includes external publications by allied organizations often with content by WB authors. Many are available in print.

Sub-collections in this collection

  • Corporate Flagships

    The four corporate publications that are World Bank Group flagships are: the World Development Report (WDR); the Global Monitoring Report (GMR); Global Economic Prospects (GEP), and Doing Business (DB).\r + \r + All four go through a formal Bank-wide review and are discussed with the Board prior to their release. In terms of branding, the phrase “A World Bank Group Flagship Report” will be used exclusively on the cover of these publications. This label will signal that the institution assumes a higher level of responsibility for the positions held by these reports.
  • Handbooks and Training Manuals

    This collection displays handbooks, sourcebooks, and training manuals. It includes formal books displayed in other series collections, as well as many stand alone publications both formal and informal, including eLearning products.
  • Key Regional/Sectoral Publications

    These are the top-level publications coming out of the regional and sector network vice presidencies of the World Bank.
  • Series (active)

    These are publication series that are actively producing titles.
  • Series (other)

    These are the publication series that are no longer producing additional titles.

New Publications in this collection

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