Publication: GIF Guidance: Clean Technology Options for Buses - Prefeasibility Analysis

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This guide begins by establishing the minimum conditions that should be in place to consider a technology feasible. This will be done in chapter two, starting with the general local political context and analysis of the project’s planning, and moving on to more specific technical conditions for each technology regarding energy vector availability and standards and regulations to consider. Once the general context has been established, chapter three presents a brief description of the technical aspects of each technology, which involves considerations on bus selection, fueling or charging infrastructure, energy consumption and modes of operation. After going through this chapter, the TTL should have a clear understanding of the more technical or physical implications of each technology and should have the tools to argue whether a technology would be feasible. A detailed description of all CTBs is presented in the Annex on bus technology and charging infrastructure. It is strongly recommended that the evaluator reads this annex before starting the evaluation. In chapter four, a methodology for comparing the environmental impact of each technology is presented. This includes assessing the potential reduction in GHG emissions of each vehicle technology, as well as local toxic emissions. In chapter five, the economic performance of the different technologies is assessed by estimating CAPEX and OPEX expenditures and calculating the levelized cost of ticket (LCOT) of the different technologies under varying financial scenarios and considerations. Using the results from the previous sections, Chapter six presents and evaluates the cost-benefit of implementing each technology. The guide concludes with chapter six, a results evaluation and a discussion of the potential technical, environmental, and financial risks the evaluator should consider for the different technologies.
World Bank. 2022. GIF Guidance : Clean Technology Options for Buses - Prefeasibility Analysis. © Washington, DC: World Bank. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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