Publication: Securing Forest Tenure Rights for Rural Development: An Analytical Framework

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This Analytical Framework is a product of a World Bank initiative on Securing Forest Tenure Rights for Rural Development, which seeks to enhance the World Bank’s capacity and effectiveness when dealing with land rights issues in forest areas. The initiative is core to ‘Participation and Rights,’ one of the three cross-cutting themes of the Bank’s Forest Action Plan 2016–2020 (World Bank Group 2016). The overall objective of the initiative is to provide information and guidance, to client countries, indigenous peoples and local communities, World Bank managers and staff, and other donors, to strengthen forest tenure security in forest landscapes as a foundation for rural development. This framework consolidates a wide range of experience and evidence on both the relevance of community forest tenure security to rural development goals and the key elements that need to be in place for community forest tenure to be effectively secured. The Key elements encompass those that are important for achieving development goals and those that support the overall functioning of the tenure security system. The primary purpose of having distilled these elements is to provide a basis for the development of practical tools to understand and assess community forest tenure security in specific national contexts. By consolidating and presenting these elements together in a concise framework, this work can help establish a shared set of concepts and common language on community-based tenure security.
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World Bank. 2019. Securing Forest Tenure Rights for Rural Development: An Analytical Framework. © World Bank, Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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