Publication: Efficient Deployment of Teachers: A Policy Note

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Kesuma, Ratna
Utz, Anuja
Bodrogini, Petra W.
Purwana, Ruwiyati
The 2018 World Bank Report growing smarter: learning and equitable development in East Asia and the Pacific highlights that selecting and supporting teachers throughout their careers to allow them to focus on the classroom is one of five core factors that are driving learning. It argues that education systems perform best when they have teachers who are respected, prepared, and selected, and who advance in their careers based on merit (World Bank 2018). This aptly summarizes the importance of teachers and of equitable teacher deployment to ensuring high-quality education. The report also states that sound policies with respect to teachers are key to promoting learning, emphasizing the need to raise the selectivity of those who become teachers, provide support to new teachers, and devise ways to keep experienced teachers in the classroom. This report highlights that decentralization of decision-making to districts in Indonesia is expected to leadto improvements in teacher recruitment and deployment, which in turn is a necessary condition for improving the quality of teaching and learning. This report aims to provide concrete policy options for improving identification of the demand for teachers as well as for the allocation, recruitment, and distribution of teachers in Indonesia. It captures three review areas: (1) diagnosis of the effectiveness of existing mechanisms for identifying the need for teachers and of the teacher allocation system at the central level through discussions with key stakeholders, (2) review of good practices in hiring and distributing teachers as implemented in 13 districts in 13 provinces in Indonesia, and (3) review of international experience and good practices in recruiting and deploying teachers through desk reviews of studies undertaken in several countries. This study was conducted from October 2016 to August 2017 and used both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Information and data collection involved 156 local government representatives, 127 principals, and 170 teachers (of which 154 were civil servants and 16 were not civil servants) from 127 schools.
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Kesuma, Ratna; Utz, Anuja; Bodrogini, Petra W.; Purwana, Ruwiyati. 2018. Efficient Deployment of Teachers: A Policy Note. © World Bank, Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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