Publication: Enhancing Urban Resilience in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area

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The Greater Accra Metropolitan Area (GAMA) is one of the fastest-growing city regions in West Africa. GAMA is exposed to recurrent shocks and stresses on top of numerous developmental challenges and climate change issues that threaten development gains. The deadly floods of June 2015 are a reminder that creating a resilient and inclusive city must be a priority at all government levels. This report summarizes the outcomes of the process and outlines the recommendations that were identified jointly by national and local stakeholders in Ghana and World Bank specialists. Furthermore, the report provides evidence that can be leveraged by the government to request further support from the World Bank and other development partners to implement follow-up actions. The overarching message of this report is that actions are needed now to better manage and mitigate the risks and exposure of Accra to climate change and the associated shocks and stresses, gravely affecting the economy, key sectors, and the lives of households and families. Without any action, Accra remains exposed to significant and recurrent hazards, with a risk of diminishing the development gains made over the last decades. Therefore, as government moves forward to take action on this challenge, this report provides a concrete and detailed forward-looking strategy that may guide and inform policy and budget decisions, and thus eventually leading to a thriving, inclusive and more resilient Greater Accra Metropolitan Area.
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World Bank. 2017. Enhancing Urban Resilience in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area. © Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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