Publication: Modernization of Japan’s Hydromet Services: A Report on Lessons Learned for Disaster Risk Management

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It is clear that disasters from natural hazards are having extensive impacts on vulnerable communities and the economies of many nations. Japan’s comprehensive multi-hazard approach covering weather, climate, ocean-related, and terrestrial services has been applied and developed through numerous experiences of disastrous events, such as the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake, strong typhoon landfalls, and volcanic eruptions. This summary report aims to provide a knowledge base for policy and decision makers that will allow governments and sponsor organizations to understand the fundamental operations of weather, climate, and hydrological services (together constituting Hydromet services) and consequently target effective funding, in particular to developing countries. It summarizes two detailed and comprehensive supporting reports: (i) a background paper by the Japan Meteorological Business Support Center (JMBSC) on meteorological services; and (ii) a background paper by the Foundation of River and Basin Integrated Communications, Japan (FRICS), on hydrology and water resources. The Japanese model of hydromet services outlined in this summary report and the background papers is an excellent example of a modern service with strong government involvement and institutional governance built up over decades, comprehensive infrastructure, and sound and advanced service delivery. This paper is arranged as follows: (a) Section 2 explains the key historical phases of modernization of each service (as described in the background papers), which led to the current integrated modern service provided for the public good; and (b) Section 3, concludes with a synthesis of the key elements of the Japanese experience understood as a model for countries undertaking modernization, and discusses possible implications for developing countries.
World Bank. 2017. Modernization of Japan’s Hydromet Services; Modernization of Japan’s Hydromet Services : A Report on Lessons Learned for Disaster Risk Management. © World Bank, Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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