Publication: Student Performance and Attendance in Moldova from a Socio-Economic Perspective

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Olefir, Anna
Stohr, Tobias
Coupe, Tom
Gremalschi, Anatol
This report aims to explore the following: (i) how does the performance (as well as attendance/absenteeism) of socially disadvantaged Moldovan secondary students compare to that of better-off students; (ii) what are the determinants of performance and attendance, in particular those that are under control of the education system and can be influenced in the course of education reforms so that to improve the quality of education for students from both genders and from all socio-economics backgrounds; and (iii) examine the risks associated with the school network consolidation to inform ongoing education reforms (and ensure that students directly affected by the reform are adequately accommodated in the receiving schools). To answer these questions, the analysis of the student-level education management information system (EMIS) and program for international student assessment (PISA) 2009 plus datasets have been conducted which together have more than 500 variables on various aspects of schooling in Moldova, including the socio-economic status and vulnerabilities such as being an orphan or single-parent child, having parent and parents abroad or unemployed, having disabilities, ethnic minority status etc. The EMIS data present a number of important variables for the whole population of students but has a number of shortcomings in particular related to the completeness and quality of data for vulnerable students which can and should be addressed by the ministry in the future.
Olefir, Anna; Stohr, Tobias; Coupe, Tom; Gremalschi, Anatol. 2015. Student Performance and Attendance in Moldova from a Socio-Economic Perspective. © World Bank, Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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