Country Partnership Frameworks

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A Country Partnership Framework (CPF) is the central tool of Management and the Board for reviewing and guiding the WBG’s country programs and gauging their effectiveness. The CPF identifies the key objectives and development results through which the WBG intends to support a member country in its efforts to end extreme poverty and boost shared prosperity in a sustainable manner. When preparing a CPF, the WBG starts from the member country’s own vision of its development goals, which should be laid out in a poverty focused national development strategy. The WBG and the country draw upon the Systematic Country Diagnostic (SCD) to develop the CPF objectives together; deriving them from those country development goals that reflect the WBG’s comparative advantage as well as alignment with the twin goals and taking into account opportunities for leveraging the private sector to provide sustainable solutions to development problems. The CPF then outlines a selective and flexible program that will help the country achieve the CPF objectives.


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