Publication: Engaging Men and Boys in Advancing Women's Agency : Where We Stand and New Directions

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Fleming, Paul J.
Barker, Gary
Morton, Matthew
Despite advances in gender equality, women and girls still face disadvantages and limits on their agency. Men and boys can be key stakeholders and allies to increase women's agency. This paper focuses on examining men's attitudes and behaviors related to gender equality and violence perpetration to better understand how to engage men and boys as. It uses data collected from men and women from eight countries (Bosnia, Brazil, Chile, Croatia, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Mexico, and Rwanda) as part of the International Men and Gender Equality Survey (IMAGES). There is wide variation across countries in men's support for gender equality, equal roles for men and women, and acceptability of violence against women. Key findings of this investigation include: 1) that in most countries male perpetrators of violence are more likely to be depressed or engage in binge drinking than non-perpetrators; 2) that witnessing one's mother being abused by a partner is one of the strongest predictors of ever perpetrating violence, suggesting that efforts should focus on breaking the intergenerational transmission of norms and violence; 3) that being involved with violent fights generally is a significant predictor of ever perpetrating violence, suggesting that programs and policies reducing violence generally may also have an effect on violence specifically against women; and 4) that a majority of men is willing to intervene upon witnessing violence against a woman, and men who do not support violence against women, are not violent generally, and who are aware of laws prohibiting violence against women are more likely to intervene.
Fleming, Paul J.; Barker, Gary; McCleary-Sills, Jennifer; Morton, Matthew. 2013. Engaging Men and Boys in Advancing Women's Agency : Where We Stand and New Directions. Women's voice, agency, and participation research series;no. 1. © World Bank, Washington, DC. License: CC BY 3.0 IGO.
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