Integrating the Poor into Universal Health Coverage in Vietnam Somanathan, Aparnaa Dao, Huong Lan Tien, Tran Van 2013-05-06T17:09:48Z 2013-05-06T17:09:48Z 2013-01
dc.description.abstract This case study is aimed at providing a descriptive assessment of the key features of Vietnam's Social Health Insurance (SHI), focusing on the impediments to integrating the poor into universal coverage. The trajectory of SHI in Vietnam is similar to that of many other countries in the East Asia and Pacific region. The poor were covered under a separate Health Care Fund for the Poor to begin with. The 2009 Law on Health Insurance merged all of the different programs into one. Health insurance premiums for the poor were fully subsidized by the government and enrolment became mandatory, resulting in almost complete enrollment of the poor by 2011. Vietnam has combined elements of contributory social health insurance with substantial levels of tax financing to provide coverage for the poor and informal sector. The case study is structured as follows. Section 2 describes the institutional structure and system characteristics of Vietnam's SHI. Section 3 addresses the main topic of the case study - the impediments to integrating the poor. Section 4 concludes by addressing the pending agenda. en
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dc.subject ability to pay
dc.subject abuse
dc.subject access to health care
dc.subject access to hospital
dc.subject access to services
dc.subject Adult mortality
dc.subject Adult mortality rate
dc.subject adverse selection
dc.subject aged
dc.subject ambulatory care
dc.subject Capitation
dc.subject capitation payment
dc.subject capitation system
dc.subject certification
dc.subject child delivery
dc.subject child health
dc.subject Clinical laboratory
dc.subject clinics
dc.subject Communicable diseases
dc.subject contraception
dc.subject Contraceptive prevalence
dc.subject contribution rate
dc.subject cost control
dc.subject cost-effectiveness
dc.subject delivery system
dc.subject Dental care
dc.subject Dependency ratio
dc.subject developing countries
dc.subject diagnosis
dc.subject Diagnostic Assessment
dc.subject Dialysis
dc.subject doctors
dc.subject drug list
dc.subject drugs
dc.subject economic growth
dc.subject Economic Review
dc.subject elderly
dc.subject Emergency services
dc.subject enrollees
dc.subject equity in access
dc.subject fee schedule
dc.subject Fee-for-service
dc.subject fee-for-service basis
dc.subject Fee-for-service payment
dc.subject fertility
dc.subject fertility rate
dc.subject financial barriers
dc.subject financial protection
dc.subject financial risks
dc.subject general practitioners
dc.subject government agencies
dc.subject gross domestic product
dc.subject Gynecology
dc.subject health care
dc.subject Health Care Program
dc.subject health care providers
dc.subject health care system
dc.subject Health Coverage
dc.subject Health Economics
dc.subject Health Expenditure
dc.subject health expenditures
dc.subject health facilities
dc.subject health financing
dc.subject health financing system
dc.subject Health Insurance
dc.subject health insurance funds
dc.subject health insurance program
dc.subject health insurance schemes
dc.subject Health Organization
dc.subject health outcomes
dc.subject health policy
dc.subject health risks
dc.subject health sector
dc.subject health services
dc.subject health spending
dc.subject health status
dc.subject Health Strategy
dc.subject Health System
dc.subject Health System Financing
dc.subject health systems
dc.subject Health Systems Strengthening
dc.subject healthcare
dc.subject healthcare services
dc.subject hospital autonomy
dc.subject hospital beds
dc.subject hospital care
dc.subject hospital revenues
dc.subject Hospital Services
dc.subject hospitals
dc.subject ill health
dc.subject illnesses
dc.subject immunization
dc.subject incentives for providers
dc.subject incidence analysis
dc.subject income
dc.subject income countries
dc.subject income elasticity
dc.subject Income inequality
dc.subject Indexes
dc.subject inequities
dc.subject Infant
dc.subject Infant mortality
dc.subject Infant mortality rate
dc.subject Infant mortality rates
dc.subject infection rates
dc.subject informal payments
dc.subject informal sector
dc.subject inpatient care
dc.subject insurance package
dc.subject insurance premium
dc.subject insurance premiums
dc.subject insurance system
dc.subject insurers
dc.subject Integration
dc.subject labor force
dc.subject Life expectancy
dc.subject Life expectancy at birth
dc.subject live births
dc.subject local governments
dc.subject market economy
dc.subject Maternal mortality
dc.subject Maternal mortality rate
dc.subject medical care
dc.subject medical care costs
dc.subject medical education
dc.subject medical equipment
dc.subject Medicines
dc.subject midwives
dc.subject Ministry of Health
dc.subject minority
dc.subject morbidity
dc.subject mortality
dc.subject National Health
dc.subject national health insurance
dc.subject national health insurance fund
dc.subject National Health System
dc.subject Neonatal mortality
dc.subject normal deliveries
dc.subject nurses
dc.subject nursing
dc.subject nursing care
dc.subject nursing homes
dc.subject Nutrition
dc.subject outpatient services
dc.subject patients
dc.subject payments for health care
dc.subject Physician
dc.subject Physicians
dc.subject pocket payments
dc.subject policy change
dc.subject Policy Document
dc.subject policy formulation
dc.subject population density
dc.subject population groups
dc.subject populous countries
dc.subject pregnant women
dc.subject prenatal care
dc.subject prescriptions
dc.subject preventive care
dc.subject price controls
dc.subject primary care
dc.subject private hospital sector
dc.subject private pharmacies
dc.subject private sector
dc.subject probability
dc.subject progress
dc.subject provider payment
dc.subject provincial hospital
dc.subject provincial hospitals
dc.subject provision of care
dc.subject public health
dc.subject Public health expenditure
dc.subject public health infrastructure
dc.subject Public health services
dc.subject Public Health System
dc.subject Public hospital
dc.subject public hospitals
dc.subject public providers
dc.subject Public Provision
dc.subject public sector
dc.subject quality of health
dc.subject quality of health care
dc.subject quality of services
dc.subject quality services
dc.subject referrals
dc.subject rehabilitation
dc.subject research institutions
dc.subject resource allocation
dc.subject respect
dc.subject rural areas
dc.subject rural population
dc.subject sanitation
dc.subject sanitation facilities
dc.subject school children
dc.subject service delivery
dc.subject service provider
dc.subject service providers
dc.subject Skilled birth attendance
dc.subject Social Affairs
dc.subject Social Health Insurance
dc.subject social mobilization
dc.subject Social Security
dc.subject technical capacity
dc.subject tertiary levels
dc.subject Tuberculosis
dc.subject under-five mortality
dc.subject universal access
dc.subject Universal Health Insurance Coverage
dc.subject urban development
dc.subject urbanization
dc.subject user fees
dc.subject village health workers
dc.subject visits
dc.subject vulnerable groups
dc.subject woman
dc.subject workers
dc.subject working-age population
dc.title Integrating the Poor into Universal Health Coverage in Vietnam en
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