The Misallocation of Land and Other Factors of Production in India Duranton, Gilles Ghani, Ejaz Goswami, Arti Grover Kerr, William 2015-03-31T17:22:57Z 2015-03-31T17:22:57Z 2015-03
dc.description.abstract This paper quantifies the misallocation of manufacturing output and factors of production between establishments across Indian districts during 1989-2010. It first distills a number of stylized facts about misallocation in India, and demonstrates the validity of misallocation metrics by connecting them to regulatory changes in India that affected real property. With this background, the study next quantifies the implications and determinants of factor and output misallocation. Although more-productive establishments in India tend to produce more output, factors of production are grossly misallocated. A better allocation of output and factors of production is associated with greater output per worker. Misallocation of land plays a particularly important role in these challenges. en
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dc.publisher World Bank Group, Washington, DC
dc.relation.ispartofseries Policy Research Working Paper;No. 7221
dc.rights CC BY 3.0 IGO
dc.rights.holder World Bank
dc.subject employment
dc.subject capital markets
dc.subject rights
dc.subject land reform
dc.subject economic growth
dc.subject villages
dc.subject accounting
dc.subject production
dc.subject politics
dc.subject valuation
dc.subject income
dc.subject buildings
dc.subject property rights
dc.subject gdp per capita
dc.subject information
dc.subject elasticity
dc.subject housing
dc.subject political economy
dc.subject welfare
dc.subject gross value
dc.subject effects
dc.subject incentives
dc.subject distribution
dc.subject urban land
dc.subject variables
dc.subject regression analyses
dc.subject inputs
dc.subject cities
dc.subject returns to scale
dc.subject wealth
dc.subject rents
dc.subject economic analysis
dc.subject trends
dc.subject development
dc.subject apartment
dc.subject influence
dc.subject total factor productivity
dc.subject fixed inputs
dc.subject rent
dc.subject constant returns to scale
dc.subject outputs
dc.subject construction
dc.subject econometrics
dc.subject labor productivity
dc.subject productivity
dc.subject landlord
dc.subject transfers
dc.subject increasing returns
dc.subject financial institutions
dc.subject markets
dc.subject organizations
dc.subject allocative efficiency
dc.subject economic policies
dc.subject labor
dc.subject housing market
dc.subject land development
dc.subject real estate
dc.subject finance
dc.subject efficiency
dc.subject taxes
dc.subject land use
dc.subject equity
dc.subject energy consumption
dc.subject deregulation
dc.subject productivity growth
dc.subject land transactions
dc.subject value added
dc.subject land market
dc.subject property right
dc.subject economic performance
dc.subject capital
dc.subject policies
dc.subject value
dc.subject urban infrastructure
dc.subject repair
dc.subject production functions
dc.subject credit
dc.subject rent controls
dc.subject macroeconomics
dc.subject urban areas
dc.subject household
dc.subject inefficiency
dc.subject consumers
dc.subject property
dc.subject measurement
dc.subject assets
dc.subject benchmark
dc.subject economic theory
dc.subject urban development
dc.subject economics
dc.subject production function
dc.subject private developers
dc.subject management
dc.subject insurance
dc.subject functional forms
dc.subject capital use
dc.subject taxation
dc.subject slums
dc.subject trade
dc.subject real estate markets
dc.subject gdp
dc.subject land
dc.subject theory
dc.subject bank loans
dc.subject extreme poverty
dc.subject land use regulations
dc.subject rural areas
dc.subject financial markets
dc.subject flexible functional forms
dc.subject supply
dc.subject banking
dc.subject zoning
dc.subject urban_land
dc.subject land transfer
dc.subject law
dc.subject building
dc.subject borrowing
dc.subject total output
dc.subject economic geography
dc.subject labour
dc.subject governments
dc.subject financial sector
dc.subject outcomes
dc.subject urban population
dc.subject energy usage
dc.subject labor regulations
dc.subject prices
dc.subject land supply
dc.subject development policy
dc.title The Misallocation of Land and Other Factors of Production in India en
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dc.type Documento de trabajo es
dspace.entity.type Publication 2015-03-23
okr.doctype Publications & Research
okr.doctype Publications & Research :: Policy Research Working Paper
okr.globalpractice Social, Urban, Rural and Resilience
okr.globalpractice Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management
okr.identifier.doi 10.1596/1813-9450-7221 WPS7221
okr.language.supported en
okr.region.administrative South Asia India
okr.topic Private Sector Development :: Land and Real Estate Development
okr.topic Social Protections and Labor :: Labor Policies
okr.topic Urban Development :: Municipal Housing and Land
okr.topic Urban Development :: Urban Housing
okr.topic Urban Development :: Urban Services to the Poor
okr.unit Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management Global Practice Group
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