Postconflict Monetary Reconstruction

creativeworkseries.issn 1564-698X Adam, Christopher Collier, Paul Davies, Victor A.B. 2012-03-30T07:12:36Z 2012-03-30T07:12:36Z 2008-01-30
dc.description.abstract During civil wars governments typically resort to inflation to raise revenue. A model of this phenomenon is presented, estimated, and applied to the choices and constraints faced during the postconflict period. The results show that far from there being a fiscal peace dividend, postconflict governments tend to face even more pressing needs after than during war. As a result, in the absence of postconflict aid, inflation increases sharply, frustrating a more general monetary recovery. Aid decisively transforms the path of monetary variables in the postconflict period, enabling the economy to regain peacetime characteristics. Postconflict aid thus achieves a monetary "reconstruction" analogous to its more evident role in infrastructure. en
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